Cleansing the house and helping spirits to move on

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how to aid lost spirits to pass on. My grandad recently passed away (who I was living with) and the house has been left with me and my uncle. He had a lot of things and emptying out all the random stuff he collected is a mammoth of a task which we’re currently in the process of doing, however there’s been more than a few odd occurances.

None of them major, but without any other explanation, such as knocking in the room when there’s nobody to do it and strange cold draining sensations happening, not just to me but to other people when they’re in spots he’d spend a lot of time in.

I’ve burnt some sage incense and have been tending to a sage plant of my own in the hopes my own interactions with the plant will make the effect more powerful, but aside from that I’m a little unsure of what to do.

Any advice would be great, I don’t want any harm done, just a gentle nudge in the direction of his next adventure. Thank you in advance my lovelies :slight_smile:


Orrrr, this one…

Or there’s a few good ones here:…
:candle:Good luck with the removal of negativity! A side note, when you cleanse negativity, you should fill it with positivity. Praying or good luck spells, putting up wards etc.


@sarah30 hello, I’m sorry for your loss. Sometimes spirits of loved ones linger for awhile. In my experience it is helpful to tell him that it’s ok to go. That you and your family will be ok. His job is done and your family is safe. It may sound silly but it helps. If that doesn’t let him move on I would suggest a pendulum to communicate with him. He may have something important to tell you. I hope this helps you.


It sounds like @christina4 has you covered spell-wise, but I wanted to say I was sorry for your loss. You have my condolences.


Thank you so much @christina4 I will get on it, and thank you all for your kind words, blessed be x


My sincerest condolences 🫂💞


I’m sorry for your loss Sarah. Francisco recently helped answer a similar question I had in the forums…