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I come from a longline of psychics/witches on my mothers line which is Irish. My dads dates back to the doomsday book and then to vikings. So the craft back then didnt have internet, worldwide communication with everyone, and a “witch/healer” just did what they did. Todays a very different place and though I cleanse using incense, use candles, invoke my Gods of the British Isle and scry, all within my culture. I do use poppet dolls. I have a beautifuly crafted worry doll made for me, which got me through a period of anxiety. Personally I think the dolls are fine as we’ve been making corn dollys since time began, but I am.interested in learning voodoo/hoodoo as their healing knowledge is amazing. Any views as I know the wisdom I’ll get here will be more accurate than the internet. Thankyou my lovelies. Many blessings :heart:


It sounds like you come from a very magical family! :revolving_hearts:

You’re right, many cultures across the world have been using dolls in some form or another - poppets, worry dolls, personal representations, etc. I think it’s a beautiful thing that you have a handcrafted worry doll. :dolls: My grandparents had brought back us grandkids some worry dolls when they went on a cruise one year. I couldn’t tell you where they are now, but they’re around somewhere.

I don’t practice either, but I can tell you what I know about both practices, give you some resources, and at least you’ll have a place to start!

Both practices are African in nature. Hoodoo is mainly African-American. It was developed during the trans-Atlantic slave trade and combines traditional African spiritualities with Christianity, Islam, and various indigenous herbal knowledge. Hoodoo itself is not a religion, and there is no initiation that needs to take place for a person to practice Hoodoo.

There are conflicting opinions on whether a person not raised in Hoodoo or not of African descent can practice Hoodoo. I am neither, but my opinion is that if you approach Hoodoo with respect for the cultural importance of the practice and you learn from someone with direct ties to Hoodoo (meaning not some random person that learned it from some other random person, if that makes sense), then it should be okay.

On the other hand, Voodoo is very different than Hoodoo. There are many different types of Voodoo and they all come from Africa. Voodoo is not just a practice, it is a monotheistic religion. Within Voodoo, there is one singular deity and other lesser beings, sort of like the Christian God and the Angels. In order to practice Voodoo, a person must be initiated into the religion by a priest.

I hope that’s not too confusing, and I know it isn’t very much information either. I’m going to leave some helpful links here for you, too. Let me know if you’ve got more questions and I can try to find an answer for you!


Thats a great place to start thankyou. I’ll definately look into it more. Didnt know Voodoo was a religion. We live in a vast, rich magical world. Even if I dont practice it will be good for me to know more. I will check locally and see if there are any hoodoo practicioners. Thankyou again for sharing, youre full of wonderful wisdom. Many blessings lovely :heart:


You’re very welcome! :revolving_hearts: I’m happy to help. :blush:

If I find any other information that might be useful, I’ll let you know!


I watched the video Voodoo believers explain …, Im sharing the quote from one of the High priests because I thought the message behind it was quite wonderful.
“Voodoo is universal. There is voodoo everywhere in this world, as soon as air manifests in whatever region, there is voodoo. Voodoo is grounded in the 4 elements of nature, there is air, water, fire and earth, .without air you cant breathe, and if the air was cut of for 5 minutes, what would become of humanity? I invite everyone. To pray for peace to reign in this world.”
I thought what a beautiful ideal, respect nature, respect humanity. It taught me something today. Those words Ive written in my diary as I think I will be meditating on them for a long time. :heart:


I don’t know about Voodoo, but Dorothy Morrison’s book, Utterly Wicked has a whole section on dolls. Even stating that you can use Barbie dolls and dress them up and fix them to use as poppets. Had me giggling my butt off.


I might read that. Sounds fun. :grinning:


It’s a good book. I did a review of it for the book club many moons ago.


I think this is a beautiful quote :heart: Thank you for sharing it here for everyone else!

I agree entirely – respecting the natural world and humanity as a whole is important.

Absolutely! :clap: Barbie dolls, clay, a loaf of bread with a stick figure carved in the top? All capable of being poppets :nesting_dolls:

Here’s the link for you – Witchy Book Reviews! Spells8 Book Club Reviews Masterlist - Sessions I ~ XXV - #108 by Amethyst


Thanks for linking that, love! I totally forgot which book club I did it for!


I haven’t made any dolls yet but I have some spells that require a poppet. I do not practice anything that has to do with Voodoo but I have practiced a few things with Hoodoo, I have a family member who also practices so I believe it is in our bloodline somewhere, LOL. That was a beautiful quote and thanks for the suggestions on what can be used ladies.


@Amethyst – you’re welcome! :blush: I working on a project (slowly) where I’m gathering up all the book reviews into one spreadsheet so they can be easily referenced!

You’re very welcome! :revolving_hearts: :sparkles:


Very cool! That’ll be handy! Thank you!