Closets? What are they?

No im not talking about the closest your clothes go in. Im talking about the closet’s people hide parts of themselves in. In all honesty ive never been in a closet myself ive never hidden away any part of myself from the world. In gr. 9 I found out i was bisexual didn’t hide it same with being goth never hid it now i may of never hidden these things but that dose not mean im screaming them from tops of buildings. I dont know if it is my upbringing or what but in my family with our veiws of the world hiding a part of yourself just dose not happen in my family maybe its because my family is vary open minded and have never judged a person on anything but the person themselves. Like my family dont judge on skin , religion, clothes etc we judge someone on there character. There personally. If there mean or nice. Those things. But my question is why these closets are even there to begin with maybe its cuz im young but i don’t understand hiding from the world if someone dont like it they can go away.


They really shouldn’t be in a healthy society. It’s all fear and shame, some people being terrified of other people who are different from them, because it mirrors to them something in themselves that triggers them. Keeping things from others, “being in the closet” about something, comes from self preservation. The fear of some of these people acting violently, physically or emotionally. But it also eats you from the inside, if you can’t express the true you. It’s an awful position to be in, and that’s why “coming out” is such a relief and a cause for celebration.

I’ve had closets within closets, as a polyamorous trans lesbian witch with multiple personalities and numerous other mental and neuropsychological oddities, with plenty of dark and sexual energy, currently out of a job and living with my aging father. Usually I don’t introduce myself as such, unless there’s a good reason to, but I don’t go the extra mile to hide it either. It brings me satisfaction to let people know me without those labels, and slowly open those closet doors at appropriate moments. Rejection usually comes from seeing the other person as “too much” in some way. I’m hoping to increase that range of acceptance, outside of which things become “too much”. That might even be one of my soul contracts, given the cards I’ve got. Fear has to give in for love to get more expansive, as within as without. :heart:


Where I live, in the Bible Belt, it’s just not safe to go proclaiming you’re a witch or different at all really. I know it’s illegal but there are still ways you can be kicked out of your home or lose your job. Sad, but true.

Oh, I’m sure my building managers know I’m different, but I don’t go tell them I’m a witch. It’s like that old Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


There is discretion and there is hiding.
That is a very real and timely question.
They are two different abstract concepts.

Hiding means you cover up something that might harm or embarrass you in the eyes of your peers or society. I grew up first generation enlightened. My parents and grandparents spelled the word: “PREJUDICE!” My brothers also caught the 'affliction." But, I, Being the youngest, only girl and very sheltered, I never believed or learned it. I truly believe that prejudice is a learned response for the most part.

Discretion is not attracting attention or letting out private information.
Although it is not hiding, it’s just not projecting something boldly, or for public view. Color, creed, religion or sexual preference is just that and not for “public consumption.”
I was in the Broom Closet for years, now, I don’t care.
If someone doesn’t like it, I’ll get on my Dragon and fly away.


Echoing other comments, I think closets exist to protect people from negative consequences and rejection from others. Whether we are talking about witchcraft or sexual orientation or anything really, violence and loss of economic opportunity are things that still happen.

I think there’s a range. I might keep some things closeted while being open about others. Just because I don’t broadcast something doesn’t necessarily mean it is a secret. And we would all share as much face to face? How many of your neighbors have you walked to and said, “Hey, I’m a witch, let me know if you need any mugwort.” Or maybe yours is the house that all the neighborhood kids whisper about. People in different situations have different comfort levels.

@Nikita-mikaelson , I have a twisted sense of humor, but it is all meant to be fun, not hurtful. You might enjoy this.

Spiritual Discovery


@Undomeher you covered it simple as that. Everything that society isn’t comfortable with has a price tag attached simple as that. You can pay the toll or you can close that closet door. Those are the only two real options. Great discussion topic for our group for sure.


Most often, these “closets” are there for the person’s safety. Like many others have mentioned, some people don’t have the privilege of being who they are in the place they live. I grew up in a fairly open-minded family. They didn’t really care when I came out as bisexual, though my dad did have his concerns. Middle School wasn’t the best experience because of it but kids can be mean, especially around the ages of 11 to 13 when they’re still figuring things out for themselves. The city I grew up in is fairly conservative, so I would have been afraid to have rainbow flags or openly wear a pentacle when I was younger (for reference, I’m now 30).

I never would have been open about my witchcraft or religious practice when I lived in Oklahoma, US, for example, because the culture there is one of deeply ingrained fear of anything that isn’t “of God”, so to speak. Metaphysical stores weren’t really a thing when I lived there (about 10 years ago) and I also wasn’t very open about my sexuality, either. It didn’t feel safe physically or emotionally.

Now that I live in Florida, it’s just as bad. However, I am older now and have the freedom to choose who I do and don’t associate with. I have the confidence to stand up for the things I believe in and stand for. Many people don’t, and many people much younger than me fear for their lives if they are open about their religious practices, beliefs, or anything else that is deemed unacceptable by the people they have to live with or be surrounded by. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that there was a mass shooting in Florida [the Pulse Nightclub - LBGTQ+ nightclub] that may or may not have been triggered by homophobia. While this isn’t directly related to witchcraft or religion, parallels can be drawn between the prejudice against religion and the prejudice against non-heterosexuality.

tldr; closets keep people safe in unsafe situations :door:


I second this. While in an ideal world, you can be who you are openly and freely without judgment, fear of repercussions, we don’t live in that world and there are times and situations where hiding your light under a bushel to feel safe, to be safe, to continue to live in this complicated world.

I do talk about my beliefs with people I feel comfortable with but I don’t feel like I “hide” from the rest of the world. I am a private person and pick and choose who I share things with. Sometimes it’s easier for me not to have to justify or explain things that people don’t understand.

Would that the world was a different place…


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