Colin's Entry for Weekly CHALLENGE - Of Element Earth

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Hey all. I hope everyone is doing well. I would like to say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone as well!

Originally I was going to watch a video for this challenge, however, I ended up doing a little more.

(2) Earth Magick║Correspondences║Elemental Magick 101║Witchcraft - YouTube

I found this video after a basic search and it laid out the basics of Earth magick very well for me. I learned things like what signs are best for Earth magick, and the tools needed to use it. My favorite part of the video though was when it describes some of the creatures related to Earth Magick (especially the indoor ones). I would like to have some Earthly spirits in my home!

During the video I had to pause it lots to take notes, I ended up with about two pages of notes for my Witch Workbook. Come to think of it, getting some graveyard dirt would be really cool too. :slight_smile: I’ll have to see about a safe way to get it.

After watching the video, I was inspired to do a little more:

I set this up on my altar after finding and selecting what I thought would be the right stones from a small collection that is on hand in my bedroom. The Sigil on the paper is the symbol for Earth Magick. I love symbols in Magick so I took particular note of this, many of my spells use sigils and symbols. Green of course also can represent Earth magick hence the green candle. Inside the paper there in an invite for Earth to enter my home. I refrained from making a specific request as I will leave that to a more advanced ritual. I just feel like letting it in a little more and seeing what happens.

That is my entry! Thanks for the weekly challenges @TheTravelWitch , completing this made my day today! I hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:


Nice set up @colin! Good job!


Your sigil looks very neat and grounded! Perfect! 🜃

Thanks for sharing, Colin! That video was very useful, lots of inspiring ideas!


Really well done, @colin! :raised_hands: It sounds like Earth is an element that truly resonates with you- I’m glad you were able to explore this exciting aspect of magick and connect deeper with own earthen nature :gem: :sparkles: Thank YOU for jumping into the challenge- it was a pleasure to see your earthy magick come to life! :seedling: :green_heart:


Great Job @colin I’m happy you got to deepen your connection! Awesome entry!