Colin's Spell for Power

Hey all! Last night, feeling the need for some spell craft, I decided to carry out a new spell for something I felt I needed the most at this time. Power. During the meditation and visualization for this ritual I sneezed, and this was my first sign that the spell was working. I strongly associate sneezing with the gaining of power where you mind is starting to have more of an effect on the world around you. After letting the candle burn at the end for one hour, I felt a noticeable increase in power that filled me over the course of about 6 seconds, and after this, I felt empowered for the rest of the night, and am sure the power will stay in effect. Also, it is worth mentioning that a book I’ve been waiting for arrived this morning, early, the night after my ritual.

Being pleased with the results, I thought I would share in case anyone else would like to try it.

Note on the entities: Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal are each names that correspond to the Diablo universe. To me however, they are much more. The true names of these beings is unknown to me, I use the names above to represent them to myself. They are the three Lords of Hell and take orders directly from God. I am a Wiccan who believes in the other Gods, but I also decided that would be foolish to toss out my Christianity entirely rather than incorporate it in my practice. Lilith for example, works under these three in the respective lore.


This spell takes some minor preparation.

  • You will need three small triangular pieces of plain white paper. (I just cut the corners off a piece of printer paper)

  • A pen to write on the papers. Preferably black ink.

  • Purple candle and lighter

  • Mortar (A cauldron or another container would fine, even a cup)

  • Poppy seeds

  • Flower petals (use a flower that you feel will empower you)

  • Table salt

  • Offering dish and offering (I used a muffin)

  • Wand

Note: If you don’t have any of the ingredients, such as poppy seeds, I’m sure a substitute would work fine, just go with something that feels empowering in a certain sense. A favorite pen could be used if you don’t have a wand.


I feel its best if you dawn your magickal attire for the preparation which is simple.
Cut three small triangular pieces of paper out and write one of these three names on each one specifically in this order: Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal. Draw a triangle on the reverse side of these papers. For Diablo’s triangle, highlight the lower right point by circling it. For Mephisto, circle the lower left. Baal? He’s the top so circle it. Place the slips close at hand on your altar. Place the other ingredients on your altar as well, and place your offering in the dish. Have your chant and invocation close at hand and make sure you have your lighter!

Conducting the Spell

Step 1: Cast a circle in your preferred method.
Step 2: Call the elements.
Step 3: Say a planetary Invocation for whichever day/night you are conducting the spell. I get mine from a book, although many can be found online.
Step 4: Light the purple candle, which should be placed in a central location.
Step 5: Sprinkle your salt around the candle, or in it’s dish.
Step 6: Sprinkle flower petals around candle.
Step 7: Sprinkle your poppy seeds around the candle next.
Step 8: Take the first slip (Diablo) and fold it twice, as you fold it say “I call upon the power of Diablo”. Place the folded paper in the mortar.
Step 9: Fold the second slip twice (Mephisto) saying “I call upon the power of Mephisto”. Place it in the mortar.
Step 10: Fold the third paper twice (Baal) saying “I call upon the power of Baal”. Place in mortar.
Step 11: Now for this chant which you will want to say three times.
Here now the words
of the witches
The secrets we hid
in the night,
The oldest of gods
are invoked here,
The great work of
magic is sought…
…In this night and
in this hour,
We call upon the
Ancient Power…
Step 12: Use your wand to direct energy from the elements into the candle. I generally do a rein in motion with my wand, kind of like a little whirl (3 whirls to be exact) over each candle for each element clockwise starting with air, and then finally direct the energy into the candle by tapping it with the end of the wand. I carry this out three times, so three candle taps.
Step 13: Meditate and visualize. Take both hands and stick your thumbs out so they form an L-shape. Now bring your hands together so that the tips of your thumbs are touching each other and your index fingers are touching at the top. Hold your hands in this position flat with the surface of the Earth as you visualize. Stare at a point on the purple candle and visualize yourself in power. Try not to adjust your sight. You will begin to see auras and the flickering of the candles on your altar will be highly visible. Carry out this visualization for 10 minutes. This will really soak the ritual into your mind.
Step 14: Thank and dismiss elements.
Step 15: Close the circle.

Finally Let the candle burn for one hour and try to be exact. Leave the offering in the dish overnight and remove it the next day. It’s alright to just blow out the candle. Don’t forget to copy the results of the spell in your BoS.

I hope you enjoyed my spell! Good luck my fellow Magi with your endeavors!


I respect that so much :facepunch:

Your spell is incredibly powerful and useful. Thanks for sharing!! When you mentioned the mortar I thought you were going to crush the ingredients, I was visualizing using the mortar and pestle and I think that would add some extra energy to the spell. But I like the choice of using a wand for that purpose too.

What’s the book where you found the planetary invocation for this one?


Gorgeous, @colin! I can feel power rising up just from reading the spell instructions. You did a great job drawing on different aspects and deities- this was a delight to read! :open_book: :blush:

From a spiritual stance, I remember that one of the reasons many people say “Bless you” after someone sneezes is due to the old superstituion that sneezing caused the soul to part from the body, or that a demon/the devil was interfering in some way :sneezing_face: :smiling_imp:

However, for folks with different beliefs- especially those who are drawing on the energy or blessings of deities from Hell- this interpretation of sneezing would have a much more positive connotation :+1:

And from a more physical interpretation, I can also definitely see how sneezing during a spell could be reflective of rising energy. As power gathers, your body may naturally react to the spell and/or its components- resulting in a sneeze.

I had never considering sneezing to be a sign of successful spellwork- but I love the idea! Thanks again for sharing, Colin :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just performed this spell and I already feel powerful! Let’s see what happens! Thank you :blush:


Thanks for the positive feedback!
@Francisco The book I used and use for all my planetary invocations is Solitary Witch Pg. 191.

Thanks for looking at this spell in a positive light. Sometimes I post something on here and I’m not sure what the results will be. I’m always pleased the next day though. I’ve opened up to my family that I want to pursue a life of Magick, and I’m not really getting much support. This is why I love Spells8. You guys/girls provide me support that I can’t find anywhere else. :slight_smile: I guess that’s what being in a coven is all about, right?

@TheTravelWitch I’m so glad you like my spell. I was wondering if it was a little dark for Spells8, but I’m glad it has a warm reception.

@christina4 I’m very excited that you tried the spell. I want to spread the word about these three demon Lords. They haven’t treated me too bad. Sometimes they put a little pressure on, but it’s only to make you stronger. :slight_smile:

The book that came in for me is Modern Magick, and it has 12 Lessons on High Magick. I’m hoping this will add more refined ceremony to my spellwork. :slight_smile:

I really feel like I’m getting to know you all. I love it. I’m going to stand right up to everyone and pursue my course. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this @colin. I am going to have to copy this down and do this spell before our trip as I want as much power I as I can get to do what we need to do. Can other deities be called upon or just these 3? I am still not comfortable with calling on the deities from hell just yet as I have 30 years of Catholic teaching to overcome :unamused: I also have incorporated my Catholic faith into my spell work as I am drawn to St. Bridget as my matron Goddess. Following my roots. :laughing:


Great catch! I also felt sneezing was linked to some kind of spiritual belief but I wasn’t sure where I saw that and this makes a lot of sense.

Definitely an effect or sign right there!


Do what works for you! Suit the spell to your needs if you feel up to it. :slight_smile:

The most important thing I like about our form of the Craft is that everyone does things uniquely to themselves.

If I know these three, and I do, they will respect your personal choice not to go with them.


Well, it empowered me and I appreciate that! I could feel the elements and the three Lord’s strengthening me every step of the spell. And I got a call from a friend of mine later that day asking if I could use a bunch of crystals and perfumes…I said oh yeah!!! She’s bringing them now. I’ll be sure to post a pic. I didn’t get my stimulus yet :grin: but I know it’s coming :laughing:


Very good to hear! :slight_smile:


Here are all the perfumes I received.


Wow that’s a lot more than I was thinking! :slight_smile: I’m very happy you witnessed good results. I wouldn’t expect the power to stop anytime soon. I keep seeing more things happen. My friend started a new Minecraft server and invited me to play with one other friend. Somehow we ended up deciding that we wanted the theme of the server to be pagan. It surprised me a little lol.


You said this perfectly, Colin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s amazing Christina- such great treasures! It looks like the power spell worked even better than expected. Enjoy! :blush::sparkles:


Well this is one I know I will enjoy! I appreciate all your instructions on how to do the spell for example


In one of my best books 365!days of Wicca there are many hand gestures we use! I am glad you mentioned it!

this is a he magical pass and I started off doing good with my 365 days of Wicca but I need to work harder on hand gestures! Thanks Colin for your share! Your spell sorta reminds me of the magical pass or something like that! It helps seeing someone else work with hand gestures and that’s really great :+1:
Blessed be!


That’s nice! Pagan Minecraft! Yes!!!