Coming back to the beggining - BOS

So i decided to come to back to my humble begginings where i focused on each day n correspondances. In a life where im Just trying to get through each day n often i might go periods not even having time to think yet along practice i decided to bring my focus to the magic of each day for a while and build a bos around daily magic n correspondances and meditation and focus on that to build a routine and then try adding more when used to that. But while ive gkt resources id used at start of patg or otbers found aline the way i will personalise it to suit my path so i have mu own personal reference guide and each day i can flick to right page to see what to do that day inclusibg teas, crystals and even spreads but also pulling from ither research looked at. I got idea from the daily thing on spells 8 but i want to record it in a book and make the correspondances relwvent to me as i dont follow all deities on those pages. If i cant get on to spells 8 i at least can grab the bos and use that as reference. I can also add stuff from research and im going to focus on tryimg to build that bos and practice for a while. I even excitedlu being sunday discovered i actually gave lemon and ginger tea and i used lemon essential oil in my washing to bring sun energy and positivity. Ill add my little things i do to each day and refresh my practice afresh. Maybe some would wait till the new year but i guess with litha coming up it feels like a fitting time to start this now. :grin::rosette::grin::blossom::grin::sunflower::grin:


I actually had a poll that led into a discussion of when to start the new year. I think it was @BryWisteria that had a thought that I really connected to. She mentioned that each season and each Sabbat can really be a beginning of a new year. Each gives you a chance to reset your energy and align with the universe.

I work in quarters on my goals/dreams. As we close out the traditional year, I’m in the process of doing my year-end review to prepare for the next year and quarter (Jan - Mar). Each quarter I set a witchy intention and goals to go along with it. I also pick a word for the year to represent what I want to achieve. This year’s word was Gritty, which is showing courage and resolve. Haven’t decided for next year yet.


Well done @Phoenix_Fire , the craft has a funny way of doing that, in my years of practice I found myself in the same situation many times, just last summer the strange urge to go back to the fundamentals (protection, cleansing, banishing and attraction :wink:) hit me like crazy :crazy_face:. In doing so I found that this rhythm of back and front gives answers and new perspective on life in general. (Not just the craft)
Regarding the BOS I found that if you right on every entry the date, moon phase, moon sign and sun sign will help you a lot wean you need to know what kind of energetic influences where present at the time, thus giving a better success rate wean repeating the process :wink:

Much luck and success in your endeavour.
Blessed be.


Sometimes life not only overwhelms us, but it has us tripping over our own feet.
Magick, like life, can be overwhelming. I think that you have the right idea.
I’ve had to return to the beginning and each time, my enthusiasm and hunger for
knowledge returns.
It’s ok to start over. You know why you veered from your path. Hold up your shield of knowledge, and go forth, Phoenix, go forth.
Blessed be


There is nothing wrong with beginning again… but I don’t think we are! We are going back to look over the basics, but we do so with fresh eyes and new experiences, and additional wisdom under our belt. We are always learning and growing, even when it doesn’t feel that way, and when we go back, no doubt there will be something we didn’t see before! Great plan @Phoenix_Fire! I hope you find all you need on your journey!


I am so glad you posted this. I am new to this journey and somedays it gets overwhelming. After reading this, I will be prepared knowing that “resets” are OK.

I will say it again, I LOVE FEEDBACK, it is one of my favorite ways of learning.

Blessed Be


Oh my! In my organizational OCD brain, i had never thought of this! :star_struck: What a phenomenal idea! :bulb: Now just to remember to do it. :face_with_monocle: I think I will implement this in my daily journaling :pen: & tarot/oracle draws first. Baby steps! :footprints:

@Phoenix_Fire its okay to start over to find what aligns with you & your practice at any time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m going through sort of the same thing. I’m starting to figure out what is best for during the week & also the weekend when others are home with me. Im getting somewhat of a routine starting.

I also pulled a couple of recipes & wrote them down in my book :open_book: to have on hand so I can pass it on or at least have handy what I do regularly. :heart_eyes:


By the excitement of this reply :smile: I cant really tell if you are being ironic, sarcastic or genuinely grateful :thinking:, I’ve always had a problem with that even if the person is standing right in front of me :smiley::smile::grin:
It’s a curse and a blessing all in one :pray:t2: :man_facepalming::person_gesturing_ok:


It’s best described as Excitedly Genuinely Grateful! :star_struck:

I’m sort of starting over, but little things like this would be so helpful for my journaling & when I am preparing to do do my daily draws & write my experience at the end of the day through the lens of those card pulls.

Maybe going over how my days play out & a workable routine for the changes within my home recently. :hugs:

Weekly I draw runes/crystals to carry in my little pouch :pouch: so it would also be helpful when I do those draws & to write about it the same way I do with card draws.

I am excited to get started on this new method of journaling and recording things.

Thank you! I’m so excited because it ties into astrology :milky_way: & I love astrology :heart_eyes:


I’ve had a teacher/mentor that once said to me with a almost terrifying straight face :expressionless:
“Cosmin…its the small things that will make always the difference.”
I say, let the small things pave the way to greatness…

Astrology has been given to me by a person that is very special and I thank the Lord and Lady for bringing her in my life :pray:t2: (even if for a short time) it came with the silent promise “As I give to you, with love, so give to others”



We are going back to look over the basics, but we do so with fresh eyes and new experiences, and additional wisdom under our belt. We are always learning and growing, even when it doesn’t feel that way, and when we go back, no doubt there will be something we didn’t see before!

You worded it much better than I did but sometimes you need to stop. Take a deep
breath and start at the beginning of your notes.
Well said and thank you.
Love and luck


Agreed, 100%


I just want to echo what others have said here – it’s totally okay to go back to the basics, re-learn some things you may have missed, find new ideas in old books, etc. In the new year, I think this is going to be one of my goals. There’s been so much change and chaos in my life the last few months that, just like you, my practice has taken a backseat to the things that need to happen in my life. That’s okay! I just need to set time aside to make little things magickal when I get the chance.

Hooray to you for finding little things to help you reconnect with your practice :heart:


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