Commonly used phrases

I want to remove the submission where upon I had the bad judgement to talk about
Trigger warning subjects.
I did forget to be sensitive to the feelings of others for that I sincerely apologize.
Let me instead go to a lighter subject.

There is a History Behind many commonly used phrases.

Cat Got Your Tongue is a phrase meaning that someone
was told a secret and chose silence rather than give up the

The Walls Have Ears the simplest translation would mean
something like be careful what you say because there may be eavesdroppers

Bury The Hatchet – to end a conflict or quarrel. When the Puritans and Native Americans made peace, the men would
bury their weapons, making them inaccessible.

Cold Feet – can mean to lose your nerve or confidence. Probably originates from a military term for warriors who had
frozen feet and were not able to rush into battle.

There’s usually a meaning behind old phrases.
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Oh, it’s no worries at all, @Garnet :people_hugging:

Thank you for sharing these phrases, too!


Oh it isn’t a problem :people_hugging:

I did enjoy reading the use of the common phrases! Thank you for the history &/or meanings of them. Some of them I knew & others now mean so much more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just echoing what Megan and Susurrus said- no worries at all, Garnet :heart: :hugs:

I hear some of these phrases a lot and usually don’t think twice about them- it’s interesting to dig in and see what they mean and where they might come from! Really neat to see :grinning:

Thank you for sharing, Garnet- blessed be! :sparkles: