Completely New and Excited/Nervous To Be Here - I’m an Art Witch

I’m an artist and completely new to this forum (purchased this morning), completely new to finally accepting this is what I want. I’ve dreamed of it since I was a kid, but there were negative associations from my mom (she believed she has strong abilities but she seems to take them to a bad place - she believes she is responsible for breaking a guy’s legs and for another recent incident for a persons broken foot), she knows her great grandmother had abilities. She’s scared of it…Anyway, I understand the rules so I’m not afraid of hurting someone and I don’t get angry like that, at least not anymore.

I setup my first altar today and blessed it. And cast my first spell this morning (which the lights flickered and now the internet is out - which is neat and giving me time to focus my thoughts after, but also gave me -hmmmmm - moment… ).

Anyway, for years I’ve thought of myself as an art witch because when I paint I think about the subject over and over again and I believe that when I paint a pet I infuse his/her personality into the painting. (I always ask the person who is commissioning me the pets name and about their personality - I think it helps)… here is my pet portrait gallery (I also teach online oil painting and have a community forum for Positive Painters - I created the community this year because I see how damaged the art world is and how people seem to just push others down - my community builds and promotes the goal oriented artist)

Anyway, I feel like I need some sort of structure but at the same time when I read some of these spells they feel too structured…so I kind of making them my own. I wrote down the spell this morning and starting a book of shadows in my own way. I feel like I’m not conforming to the way everyone does things…I don’t like the color black - never have - even in painting I create my own black (ultramarine blue, Alizarin Crimson and Sap Green - deep, rich, transparent colors)…so I made my own Pentagram cloth (I sewed it using some pretty, sparkly fabric and used silver metallic glitter fabric paint (yep - glitter makes everything awesome) , my book of shadows and book of mirrors is actually a Happy Planner that I’ve modified…wand is a paint brush (it’s no longer a good brush, but one that I have a tendency to fiddle with when I need to focus), athame is an exacto knife, I’ve ordered colored candles, but using white until then, and the little cups are actually salt cellars that I’ve had for years and a dog bowl for a cauldron (it’s what I had and I believe it will lead to a long term business goal and life’s purpose I have to prevent animal cruelty). My space is in my art studio, in a private corner that has floor drapes around it. Everyone in the family knows to leave me alone when the doors are closed so I have privacy and quiet time. I don’t like being disrupted - I concentrate pretty hard on painting and computer work - so they know I can get snappy when interrupted - not my best trait

It’s strange - I have no clue what I’m doing but it feels right…what I don’t know is what I don’t know…!

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell :). I look forward to learning and taking as much in as I can!

Many thanks!!!



@stephanie21 Merry Meet and Welcome! The excitement and nervousness that you feel, continues with each new realization and lesson learned. This is all yours, your craft,your path so create and walk it in your own way. We all are here as support, guidance, and friends along the way.

Trust that feeling!
There’s a post here in the forum Altars! Love to see yours!
That you can share a pic of your beautiful altar if you’d like to and also peek at some others. :wink:
You are so talented with your art!
Glad you’re here and looking forward to many more conversations. If you have any upcoming questions here is a link you can look into as well as asking any of us here on the forum.
Q&A: Ask Freely and Learn about the Craft!
Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Hi Stephanie, I am Berta from OHIO.

@stephanie21 Your artwork is wonderful, and I can feel the personality and vitality just looking at the images. I think you have a real gift.

so they know I can get snappy when interrupted - not my best trait
LOL… I get this… I have that same issue- if I am deep in thought or ‘in the zone’ of creative flow it is like someone just lifted the needle on a really good record. (do people play records anymore?) anyway… hope that makes sense.

WELCOME! Really looking forward to getting to know you better. Don’t be shy and jump right in … you are in a safe place here.


Welcome! That altar looks really nice. You’ve made a great choice. :slight_smile: Merry met

It’s great that you’ve found uses for things you have on hand. It’s better to get right into things like that.
I hope you have a wonderful time doing witchcraft. :slight_smile:


Hi @stephanie21! I’m Kasie from West Virginia! Welcome to the Forum! It sounds like you’re going to be another crafty person joining, that’s great!

You’re altar looks gorgeous! And I liked your art with the puppies and kittens.

We can help you here! Here’s a good place to start, the various Courses. I’m sure you’ll find some good information in there, I know I did. Good news, you don’t have to like black or use an athame or anything like that. Use what you feel good. The old time witches didn’t have neo-pagan stores or Amazon so they used what they had on hand.

Now, onto the fun part. We have various activities you can jump into. Our group ritual Tea Time is tomorrow, and it a good place to start. Our Weekly Witchy Challenge issued a new challenge today so it would be easy to jump in there. We also have divination challenges as well as a book club so keep an eye out in the forum.

As the lovely @Tamera pointed out, feel free to pop up and ask a question any time. Welcome to the group!


A very warm welcome to you, @stephanie21! :blush:

It is always wonderful to meet another creative soul and art witch- as you explore the forums, I am sure you will meet many others who share your passion! :sparkles:

I absolutely love how you are making your craft uniquely yours. Write those spells, paint your intent- you do you, and enjoy every moment of it! :raised_hands: Your dedication to creating positive spaces and content for other artists is very admirable. I hope you find this community to also share that special aura that comes when like-minded people support one another :two_hearts:

Feel free to make yourself at home here! We are blessed to have you join us. If any questions come up, don’t hesitate to reach out. We all love to learn together around here :books::grin:

Blessed be! :heart:


Welcome! I think you will love it here! I’m Krissie & from Cape Cod, USA!!!

I try to check in at least once a day. Im currently doing a lot of Shadow Work and Journaling & I get wrapped up in that & forget to check back more than once.

Everyone here is awesome & someone will be able to address any questions or concerns you may have! Have a great evening!

Blessed Be! :star2:


Hello I’m an art witch to. and also new here. I Have been practicing for over a year but it was getting hard to find info and research. then i found this. and its the best thing that has come upon my path. welcome.


A warm welcome to you too, @Liska! :heart:

Hooray for more wonderful art witches in the community! :art::sparkles:


Oooo… Yea another artist!!! Welcome @Liska! I hope to get to see some of your work. If you have a web site I would love to see what you are working on. I have a BFA in ceramics and printmaking… but I have (in my life) worked in metal, and glass. I tend to keep my hands in just about anything crafty and love learning something new. Pay attention to the CHALLENGE posts… they are super fun!!!


ty. i have a face book page. just look for rainbow fox creations. id love to see some or your stuff to.


@Liska I found you on Facebook :slight_smile: the baby Yoda is adorable! I crochet a little and I know you’ve got skill! I’m no where near your level in crocheting :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d love to know your experiences on incorporating witchcraft with your artwork. What’s your process?


Before I started on my path. Wile making a baby blanket or toy I would just think about the person being safe and protected wile I make it. Now I charge the hook I’m going to use for the project as well as thinking about the person the item is going to being protected by the energy I put into the item. I have been thinking about doing a protective candle spell on the items as well. But I have not tried that yet. I mainly just make sure to cleanse and recharge my hook for every item.