Concentration makes Good Spells and Rituals

@MeganB @SilverBear This Monk goes all through meditation and concentration and then does a guided meditation at the end explaining all of it step by step, Since concentration is the biggest part of energy use and we use it in spells he is good at explaining that also.


We currently have construction going on in our home for MOLD! UGH… :face_vomiting:

Once they are done I am totally listening to this!! Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s really a good video… UGH mold… used to do mold abatement years ago…

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It’s been terrible…and well…construction…loud…and dust…and UGH… :sleepy:

Very interesting talk!! Thanks for sharing @roxanne!! He’s right that we don’t formally learn the skill of concentration, yet it’s a very important ability.

My favorite part of the video, which applies 100% to spellcasting: :crystal_ball:

âś“ Concentration = doing one thing at a time. The mind cannot multitask. Instead it switches quickly from one thing to the next giving the impression of multitasking.

Concentration leads to better observation skills. When we focus on one thing at a time, we gain the ability to see more opportunities, obstacles, and in turn, we make better decisions. :bulb:

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Definitely added it to my list of stuff to watch when I get a chance. Thank you for sharing!

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