Conjoined Twins a Medical anomaly ⚠ Trigger Warning

This article may prove to be uncomfortable to some or a trigger to others. I apologize for any distress caused.

Conjoined Twins , sometimes called Siamese twins*[spoiler]


Conjoined twins are monozygotes, which means they begin as a single fertilized egg that splits into two embryos. Typically, when an egg splits, the babies are born as [ identical twins ]

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. In very rare instances, the separation of the embryos isn’t complete. Techniqually it is a birth defect, the cause is unknown… They think the eggs either never entirely separate, or they reattach shortly after separating. They are very rare, 1 to 200,000 but half of these twin pregnancies end in either stillbirth or miscarriage.

It discovered by ultrasound in the early 1-2 trimester, if positive further testing should reveal how they are joined and what organs the fetus’ share. If the twins condition isn’t “livable”, the parents are offered unfortunate alternatives.

But if their condition is survivable, the parents may decide to let them grow and hope they survive into adulthood and live a quality life.

I want to site one set of conjoined twins, but I’m changing their names to Ann and Sue Chase to protect them and their family.
In Ireland, a set of conjoined twins was born, joined at the torso, pelvis and legs. The decision was made at birth, not to separate them. 2 heads, 2 arms, 2 legs and 1 torso, they survived.

The beautiful, charming, happy babies grew into healthy but of course mobility challenged children.

The difficult decision to separate the girls was made when they were 3 years old. Ann and Sue were separated in a complicated surgery and all went well for the babies until Sue had 2 heart attacks and succumbed to heart failure.

Ann was very quiet as a rule but after the loss of her sister she was mores so and didn’t talk for a while. Little Ann and her family greaved long and hard for the lost Sue. But in they still believe they made the right decision.
Ann has gown into a bright and happy child. She has an artificial half pelvis and right leg, made in the U.S.
She can now not only walk with a cane, but run. She attends school and although she is a little smaller than the other children is every bit as active and smart.
I believe that this miracle child will survive and do well with the support of wonderful parents and 3 helpful children. The family in their generously councils other families with conjoined twins.

One has to wonder what the long term emotional trauma little Ann and the family will brave.

Blessed be to this courageous little person and her family.



Such a sad story but such a brave family. Thanks for sharing.


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