Connecting to a place and feeling called there

What do you do if there is a place in nature that you are xonnected to and feel called to go to. Not sure if its the energy of the place or the place itself has some significance or perhaps I’ve connected to the spirits there. . Or I am able to connect to my deities better that are connected to that space I’m not sure . . But what if that is next to a place of danger from past traumas. I want to cut ties with the church and what they did but I’ve made strong connections to the park accross the road. I dont want to offend the spirits or deities I’m connecting to there. I try to go when I know no one from church would be there. Just incase but is there more I can do. I know there are sacred pagan places that churches may of been built near so I’m sure I’m not the only one who may wish to visit a place they connect to that might have possible dangers around that place. I brought my crystals and looked at what can help with breaking ties or healing and seeing my worth. I’ve got my breaking ties music but I don’t want the spirits to think it’s them I’m trying to cut ties with will they sense my intent is to connect to them n cut any chains from the church that may be left. I hope so. Im in australia but i think or remindex of stonehedge when i cone here. I call it the rock park n i feel so connected to this place n flr so long its been on my mind for days to come here. Somethings drawing me here, someone. I don’t know what but I know I’m still fighting the chains from the church. One thing I love bout this place is there’s 3 rocks and brick work around it that is in a shape that makes me think of one of the pagan symbols. I Just looked it up and I think it looks like a triskelion. Or triskele. I like sitting on of the rocks in this layout and it feels even more connected spiritually. I’m literally sitting in the formation shaped like the triskele or trskelion. Which is cool. But I just hope no one from the church turns up when I’m here which is why I’ve been hesitant n careful. But I won’t live in fear. And I keep feeling called to this place. Whether connected to some type of spiritual being or the energy of this place or may be in some past life it was important place to me. I think i was a dog in a previous life lol n ppl walk theit dogs here all the time and a few come up to say hi to me. But I’m so very aware that the church is right accross the road. I’d there a way to make myself invisible or not seen or perceived by ppl wish not to be seen by? I’ve heard of glamour magic. Is there something that can make me blend into background and maybe not be seen or perceived. I just thought I’d ask. I get here and I feel at home here in the park. But I don’t want me being here to risk my safety n I don’t know if ignoring the calling to cone here is a good idea if it’s a spirit or deity calling me here to connect to them. I don’t want to offend them. N I love this place. I just want to feel safe while being here. Is there something I can do to become… Lol a chameleon cone to mind :joy:there you go I wanna be a chameleon.


Hi Danni, I’m Garnet from Florida, USA.

I wonder if, in another life you may have been there. I truly believe that if you are a person in this life, you were always a person. I would truly hate to think that I was a slug in another life (Ewww).
Blessed be
Is there a possibility you could post a picture?


I think this is really powerful of you, Danni- good for you for taking back control of your life and choosing not to live in fear! :muscle: :heart:

That being said, it is one thing to live free of fear and another thing to willingly put yourself at risk- if you think you would be in danger going to this park, I would strongly advise against going there :x: . No loving or beneficial diety that calls the park home would want you to put yourself in harm’s way just for a short visit.

Could I offer an alternative for you? If you feel there is a spiritual being or energy there that is calling to you, perhaps try reaching out to it from the safety of your home, or in a park in another safer location. Spirits are, by nature, not tied to the physical world in the same way that humans are- it is likely that the presence you felt there could come to you.
Here is a little dream magick you might try:

Connecting Through Dreams to the Park Spirit Beckoning You:

-Print or draw a picture of your favorite place in the park
-Place it under your pillow
-Clap your hands once together, loudly
-Say out loud: I can’t come to you, the path is unclear- so I call to you now, come find me here!
-As you sleep, search for the park in your dreams. The spirit can communicate with you there.

You could also try connecting through meditations as well :person_in_lotus_position: Don’t be afraid to keep trying- if this place/being is calling to you, then rest assured it is also reaching out. I hope you can find a good way to connect! :pray:

Blessed be, Danni!


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