Contacting the dead (TW: Death)

I need help! My really good friend was killed last weekend and he was a witch/healer. I really need to contact him some way, somehow. Can anyone please help me?


Merry meet @tasha89 :pray:

Oh goodness, I am so sorry to hear about the death of your friend! It sounds like it was sudden and very upsetting- sending love and light your way as you mourn his loss :candle:

There many ways that one might seek to connect with a spirit- be it an ancestor, a divine presence, ghost of someone deceased, nature spirit, etc.

To contact the ghost of a lost loved one, my first recommendation is through divination- as it is my personal favorite way to reach into the beyond! There are numerous methods of divination one might use to get answers or connect- such as tarot, pendulum, crystal ball, oracle, tasseography, oomancy, etc.

For ghosts in particular, some have found success using a Oujija Board. I don’t use the board personally, but here are some discussions in the forum where others who use the board have shared their tips and experiences:

You could also try a Seance Ritual- I know @mary25 has had success with her automatic writing seances. Mary kindly shared a post about it here: Automatic Writing Seance

Another option is to seek the aid of a Medium- someone who specializes in contact with spirits. They are out there, but I’ve heard it can take a while to find and connect with a trustworthy medium who is able to help in the way you need.

Whatever you choose, I hope you are able to connect with your friend again soon! Sorry again about your loss :pray:

Much love and blessed be :sparkles:


Hi Tasha :people_hugging: I don’t have much to add – @BryWisteria basically covered all of your bases. I just came to offer my condolences :heart: and a big warm hug to you if you’d like! :people_hugging:


I am sorry for your loss.


Thank you so much it means a lot to me


Thank you sweetheart