Copper and other metals

I’ve bought a copper jar long ago. Read that was good to add copper to my body as an essential metal.
Turns out that too much of everything is not always good.
But like the fact that I will place it in my kitchen to reminding me how Taurean I am​:tada::confetti_ball::taurus::water_buffalo:


This is a beautiful piece of copper! :heart_eyes_cat:

I’ve always loved copper and thought it was one of the most beautiful metals, and lately, I’ve been feeling a super strong pull to buy a copper bracelet! I think the Universe is trying to tell me something by seeing you post about this this morning :star_struck:

Now I’m going to look up some of the correspondences of copper! :nerd_face:


Just found out copper is Taurus metal.
I have a bangle, but skin turns green, so I’ve decided to place it on leather or some fabric.
I’m gonna clean the jar and feel it with moon water.
I will add sigils and other symbols soon.
I love the green effect on copper.


I had a copper Ankh and it turned my neck green. I do love the color though.


I only have this piece of copper…


I love that copper jar, it is beautiful!


Got it from Indian seller .
You can get water cups toatch.
Never thought about engraving it before.
Will add sigils on other symbols soon.


I found an informational article on this site:
The Ancient History of Copper :comet:


Interesting, but what does not mention is that copper is used as cooling metal in computers, phones, etc.
Neither mention: corruption, tax avoidance in minor countries such as Zambia.
I watched a doc. once, where men, women and children worked long hours in appalling conditions miming copper; earning a few coins a day.
I am guilty as charge for contributing to keep then in slavery conditions.
What’s worse is that without our need for consumism, these people would probably starve to death.

I do stand corrected. The very nature of mankind is to be the apex predator. Many people really aren’t worth the skin they wear, But There are so many who are kind, loving and giving.
For every Hitler, there are 100,000 people quietly doing what they can for their people.
History is written by the victorious. The poor and destitute are not and have never been the victors." I think it was and Jesus who said “There will be poor with us always.” It doesn’t make it right, but it is what it is.
My most loving & respectful blessing.


@Garnet. We’re in the same boat. We cannot try to change those people’s lives, because they live in a corrupted society.
The weaker the lamb, the stronger the lion!
We can try to reduce our appetite for consumism and help those close to us.
I try intend to pay as much of my debt as I can, so when my time comes, I will stand a greater chance to go to a better place.

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That is a gorgeous copper jar, @basil! :heart_eyes: And ohhh @christina4- a lovely piece in your stone collection :brown_heart:

It seems copper was calling your name, @wade. Were you able to find a piece for your collection?

You both bring up an important point about the ethics of crystals and stones @basil and @Garnet- unfortunately, there are lots of bad practices at large in the industry :cry:. There were a few links shared about the ethics of mining practices a while back.

To combat bad practices in the industry, some crystal resellers have a disclaimer on their website saying their materials are ethically produced. For crystal lovers hoping to support ethical businesses, this could be something to keep an eye out for while shopping! :gem:

I bought a copper bracelet a few years ago when I briefly lived in Virginia, but for some reason I never wore it, and I haven’t seen it since I moved back to Ohio :confused: I’m keeping my eyes peeled for it and any other pieces that want to make their way into my life though :heart_eyes_cat:

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