Coronavirus Reality

Well guys, covid is officially sweeping it’s way through my family. My mom & her boyfriend have it. My sister has it, which means their family is on quarantine & my nephew turns 9 on Sunday. So sad.

I told my boss on Weds that I had been exposed. This morning, when my body was super sore, my head hurt & I had nausea, she finally decided I should stay home til my test returns. Ugh.

What I’m asking is for positive, happy thoughts until it comes back. If it’s positive, I’ll have to navigate all of the unemployment & assistance programs. I am SO not looking forward to that.

Keep me in mind! I’m gonna use this time to work on art & keep more up to date on the forum. I’m sure you’ll notice as I read and enjoy all the newer posts lol.

Blessed be.


Oh darling, I’m so sorry to hear this :cry: I hope you and your family all make speedy recoveries - lucky us that you’ll be online more though I guess? :sweat_smile:
Sending lots of happy, healing energies your way :heart:


I’m sorry to hear this @haley! That’s awful. Especially right before a birthday. I hope you all don’t get too sick and make quick recoveries. Sending healing energy your way!


Oh, @haley, I’m so sorry. It is not a fun process with such a horrid virus. I’m unemployed due to contracting it in March. Thoughts are with you.


Haley, I wish the best for you and your family :pray:

Covid, even with pre-existing health issues, is not a death sentence. Most people recover just fine. Take it day by day and try to stay positive. You are strong!

Lots of hugs to you! :raised_hands:


Sending healing positive energy and care! Keep in mind, the horrors of Covid as we see/hear/read in the media is not always what we experience. My son (28) had it, as well as his girlfriend (25) and my two grandsons (8 & 5), my son said mostly his complaint was the feeling of something stuck in his throat and a irritating cough. My one grandson had the nausea and vomiting pretty bad, and a cough. None of them had a fever, or had to be seen until after their quarantine. I recommended nasal rinsing and cold meds for them, and soups. Drink Drink Drink…
Much love to you and your family, sucks this is occurring near a bday. Maybe a party after everyone recovers?
Blessed Be,


My sister-in-law and brother had it not that long ago and my five-year-old nephew ended up not catching it. I’m glad you’re doing the responsible thing and staying home :heart: and I am keeping you in my thoughts :thought_balloon:


I’m sorry! :pensive: covid stinks! A friend of mine had it and all he had was a cough and sore throat. I’m sending you my thoughts and positive energy!


I’m not too worried about getting deathly ill. I’m mostly worried about missing work. I know I’ll have a job when it’s over, but I definitely have to get emergency unemployment or renters assistance bc missing even a few days of work stops me from having my rent money, sadly.

My niece has her birthday in a month, so we’re thinking a big combined party. Well, big as in myself, my mom, sister, bro in law & the 3 kiddos lol.


My thoughts are with you and your family. I know what you’re going through, my nephew has Covid, we found out Friday night.

I hope everything works out and they heal from this without complications.


Big hugs, @Haley- sorry you’ve got a lot on your plate! For now, take it easy and rest :hugs: . While I hope the result comes back negative, know that it is likely not the end of the world if you’ve got covid. Like others have mentioned- everyone shows symptoms differently and recovers at different rates. Some people heal within a few days!

Treat yourself to some hearty soup, drink fluids, and stay warm. Take your mind off of worries by immersing yourself in a good book or spending time making your breathtaking artwork :art:

You’re in my thoughts- wishing you a speedy recovery, Haley! :two_hearts:


My mom, is in the hospital and she is recovering. She in my step father are with the Corona Virus. I got exposed too, but fortunately I tested negative, but I’m totally freaking out. I cannot get inside of my bedroom. People out there are not respecting the social distancing and the virus is spreading even more!


Hang in there – you will be fine! :pray:

Try not to freak out. Take it easy and rest!

I hope your family gets well soon! Sending you positive energy! :raised_hands: :sparkles:


Glad to hear you tested negative, @laura6- sending prayers to your mother and step father! Many wishes for a quick recovery for them both :pray::candle:

It is a scary time- we are back in lockdown mode here in Poland too. Many people are not respecting the social distancing rules here as well. It is a good time to stay at home as much as you can and be safe! Sending big hugs, Laura :sparkling_heart:


Native Americans use the sweat lodge to treat illness, makes sense, a fever is the immune response heating up the body to kill pathogens. An artificial fever like a sweat lodge might be beneficial. In the absence of a sweat lodge, maybe a hot bath or shower would do. Also, they burn sage in sweat lodges. People have died from getting too hot in a sweat lodge. So be careful with this if you try it.
Just a thought.


Oh, Haley, I am so sorry. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.