Coronavirus, what do you think?

What is y’all’s views on the disease, and what can you do witch wise to boost modern medicines? Also other witchy treatments?


CDC estimates that, from October 1, 2019, through February 29, 2020, there have been 22,000 – 55,000 deaths caused by the common flu in the US. - Source: CDC

As of today, there have been 41 deaths by the Coronavirus in the US.

But news outlets and social media are talking nonstop about Coronavirus. This is called “selling fear”.

And there’s another effect to it: the massive levels of drama added contribute to many people giving in to fear.

In my opinion, we can apply the Law of Attraction to it: :sparkles:

If I synchronize with all that talk, I am giving my own energy to the fear, effectively lowering my vibration and my immunity.

In other words, if you are constantly thinking that you are going to get sick, if you are afraid to go out, you are matching that frequency and you are going to attract something or someone who is going to infect you.

Instead, remain positive, vibrate in love and health :sparkling_heart: We should still take the precautions that the CDC recommends because it’s important to be clean inside and out. (And if you are sick, please see a doctor!)

Spiritually, replace the fear with love, and know that you are not going to get sick. According to the Law of attraction, you must be vibrating with that energy for something bad to happen to you.

Affirmations for the flu season:

  • “My body shines with its own light, my body is healthy.”

  • “My body is a perfect and happy home for my soul to live in”.

  • “Every day I wake up full of joy and wellbeing.”

If you have to go out for work, shopping or anything else, say:

  • “I’m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing”.

This statement works not only for the Coronavirus but for anything negative that comes along.

Give thanks because you are healthy, because you have a healthy body, and because you are sure that nothing will happen to you. :pray:

Edit: Adding a video for those interested in the numbers


Yep @Francisco they are making too much out of it. It does not affect healthy people, children etc but the flu does and kills them too. The most vulnerable are those with already respiratory diseases, like COPD, Emphesyma etc.

You can fight this by not having fear or worry…these bring down your immune system and make you vulnerable, that is why I am so upset with the media over this, they are causing more patients by using fear.

That’s what I’m sooo worried about. I was born a little over a month premature and because of that my lungs didn’t develop all the way and at three days old I contracted RSV. This caused my lungs to be damaged, so now I will forever have bad lungs. On top of that, I also have severe asthma , however currently it is under control, this is why I have been so worried.

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Thank you for these. I will definitely use them.


Quarantine yourself… don’t go out in public check to see if your area is one of the vulnerable ones, have nothing to do with people who have been overseas, wash your hands often, do not shake hands.

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I’m actually not worried about the virus itself…I am more worried about the mob mentality people are already displaying. I witness two men at our local grocery store fighting over the last package of chicken. THAT is was frightens me more than the virus. UGH.


UGH is right. And all the fake news and rumors going around are also worrying. We went shopping and bumped into a friend with a full (to the brim) cart saying that grocery shops are going to close. I checked online and nowhere (in the world!) is going to close grocery shops anytime!

Mass hysteria is real :roll_eyes:


It’s really getting out of hand…not only do we have to worry about a virus and how it impacts our daily lives, but we have to decipher and sift through what is REAL news and what is fake and what is fear mongering…it’s causing severe anxiety in me!

That’s why I took a moment today to do this little ritual – and when I was done, I took this little video to pass it on…hoping to help someone else relax and breath…even if for only a minute. :green_heart:


I agree with you, don’t people realize that fear will encapsulate the planet, and people will be afraid to live and be happy? Costco and all the huge chains have said quit worrying, there is plenty of food. I am glad we always keep a full freezer and stocked pantry. we can live a couple months without shopping if we have to.


I know my friend said this lack of food at the grocery store is forcing her to go on a diet lol…

Honestly…people need to relax. All this up-tightness is stressing me out!


Georgia’s cases are growing at a scary rate. Nothing ever happens in Georgia, so it surprising to know we have one of the largest populations of infected in the country. All of our schools have either shut down until April or have switched to online learning. My school has us learning online until Mar 28th then we have spring break. We have to return on April 6th. My mom along with many other parents of my friends have quarantined us to our houses, but we FaceTime and play video games to pass the time. We are not worried, buy understand our parents fear for our health. We’re all excited though because this means we dont have to go to school, and we can get all of our work done for the day by noon. I have been using the mantras daily and they seem to be helping not just with my physical health but also with my mental help and anxiety. I catch my self feeling lonely and bored and i use the mantra and i feel calm and soothed. I know most of y’all are old folks and are more at risk, but i hope y’all make it through this.
Blessed be! And I hope yall have a blessed Ostara!


Sorry for the long post.:blush::blush:

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I’m glad you found those useful! I am using them as well for the same purpose.

I think the worst part is not knowing when everything will go back to normal… but I feel this whole pandemic thing brings people together too! I got in contact through Facebook with people I hadn’t talked to in years!

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There is an old saying, “If you are lonely, you are not enjoying your own company” This is the best time to get to know yourself and not rely on anyone else to bring you happiness.

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I think that is what people fear during this virus (being forced to stay in)…they CAN’T do this. They can’t enjoy their own company. They have become accustom to being entertained or they don’t want to know themselves…sometimes that takes a lot of strength that people aren’t willing to expend.


That kinda goes back to a lot of people don’t love themselves, how can you enjoy your own company if you don’t even like yourself? Yes they have become accustomed to being entertained… in a lot of ways this all might be a good thing,.,. can’t go outside, then go inside… if you get my drift.


Many people were talking about the portals of collective consciousness opening on February 2, 2020. We now see how this is affecting so many people and it’s a great opportunity to put into practice everything we claim to know.

This will either be a catastrophe or as a gift from the Universe: a test of our faith so that we can trascend to another level.

But we should still be cautious and stay safe. “Prepare for the worst, but think positive” :pray:


So far we are lucky none in our county, but we have the 6 mile rule instead of 6 feet!
I like being alone, I can read, crochet, drink tea and think…I have always been that way, not much of a joiner.

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I work from home…so to me, this is just business as usual…but I am using caution when I go out. Our grocery stores look like the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The shelves are bare. They are trying to restock but people buy it all up…but yet, these same people are herding to all our state beaches and parks. The Governor shut down our state beaches because it was PACKED. Last weekend the news did a story over in that area and people were STILL packing the beach even though there were signs everywhere stating it was closed until further notice.

SO ridiculous!