Correllian Tradition Wicca

Hello all, I’m wanting to learn more about Correllian Tradition Wicca, as I found one GREAT book that I’m reading (but just want more info about it). I can’t find much online so thought I’d post here in the hopes that maybe some of you can help me out! Let me know what info you have! The book I found is “Witch School First Degree: Lessons in the Correllian Tradition” by Don Lewis-Highcorrell. I highly recommend it to anyone, as it’s helped me understand many things in life that I never did before and has helped with aspects of the craft that I was struggling to grasp/understand. It’s a trilogy so I plan to get the rest too. :blush:


The Correllian Tradition is a newer tradition of Wicca, so I’m not sure what information you’re going to find out there that you haven’t already. I do know they have a website that has some information on it.

I’ve also heard of Rev. Ed Hubbard, the current High Chancellor and First Priest of the tradition. I’d look around their website and maybe see if you can contact them for more information! :blush: