Could I be bound?

Hi everyone,
I am wondering if someone you don’t know can bind you? I am separated from my husband. I moved out of the home the beginning of May. Since moving into my new place, I have had little enthusiasm to practice any candle spells. My ex told me that he has a friend who is a witch, and he was going to have her bind me. At first I was thinking it was because of all the stress, but now I’m wondering if it’s something more? What do you think?


There will be a variety of opinions on this topic. Mine is: Someone you don’t know can’t bind you. For that matter, someone you do know can’t bind you. :slight_smile:

I’ve don’t often wade into the debates about “dark magic” but I strongly believe magic “against” someone will never work. Magic to control someone won’t work. Magic is pure. It is from the universe and it flows through us. We tap into it, not control it. And there is no way something pure and uncontrollable can be used for evil. Any anecdotal evidence to the contrary is likely coincidence.

But that is just my opinion. :wink:

Editing in this: Others on here, maybe @TheTravelWitch for example, may have resources from the site to help with our struggles when stressed.


I agree with @praecog29, I don’t think you can be bound by someone you don’t know or that you do know. But the mind is a funny thing, having been told you’ve been bound you may have subconsciously bound yourself. Maybe try an unbinding spell and set yourself free.


While spells are effective, so a subjective mind. In my dark path practice; I don’t like to use this term, but so it can be understood, I learned to subjectively make a person to believe that I hex him, her, them, without doing anything at all on my end. Just played with the persons mind. So is in this case, your ex-husband just want to make you think that his friend is going to bind you. Just ignore it.
Now if you feel like off about it, just do protection magick on you.
Or like me, to let the Spirits to take care of the situation.


Greetings @darlene13!

So sorry that you’ve got this on your plate! When it comes to feeling negative energy but you’re not sure where it is coming from, my first suggestion echoes what Pedro suggested about loading up on Protective Spells :shield:


Before doing anything else, I suggest first protecting yourself and then continuing to layer protection on your new home (here’s a Protection for a New Home Spell). Moving to a new location is a huge stressor, so I want to suggest that any chaotic energy you are sensing may be at least partially caused by the new location or the stress of the move.

Once your bases are covered, if you still sense negative energy coming from an outside source then I would suggest a Return to Sender Spell.


This way, no matter where or who the negative energy is coming from, it will be sent back- and most importantly, away from you! :grin:

Using Black Magick or Not is something every witch chooses for themselves in their own personal practice, but if you are worried about ethics, know that most agree that Return to Sender Spells are not considered Black Magick in and of themselves.

Wishing you all the best- blessed be, Darlene! :pray:


Hi Darlene :wave:

I am of the opposite belief of a couple people here (and that’s okay!) in that I fully believe you don’t need to know someone personally to do any workings on them. For example, without giving too many details, my sister-in-law had an abusive boyfriend who would stalk her and do all kinds of nasty things. As a last resort because he kept violating the restraining order, they called me. I have no idea who this person is but with his name, a photo, and his birthday I can effectively bind him. That’s exactly what I did and he’s left her alone since. They haven’t had any other incident of him being a nasty person toward her.

I know that doesn’t help :laughing: but you also have to think about the other side of what you said. As others have mentioned, the mind is a funny thing. When someone tells us that something bad is going to happen to us or, in this case, that you’re going to be bound, our brains will look for signs of that. We can psychologically trick ourselves into thinking that it has already happened even if it hasn’t.

I recommend doing some meditating and mindfulness exercises, journaling about what’s going on, and seeing if you can find a root cause of the stress that you’re dealing with. Stress can make you lose enthusiasm for a lot of things in life. It can even make you physically sick! If you’re worried about being bound, @TheTravelWitch posted a wonderful Return to Sender spell you can use. You can also do an energetic exercise and scan your body, looking for any energy that shouldn’t be there or that’s tying you down. Cleanse yourself, take a good bath, and do it again. Then I would up your protections and ward your home.


Reiki can also help in this in matter, aligning the chakras that may be causing this stress.


I want to thank you all for your perspectives, wisdom, and suggestions. I will probably apply all of the suggestions, I hate feeling blah. :heart:


I think I kind of agree with you but that the intent probably makes a difference. What you did came from a good place and was a "return to sender " kind of deal, counteracting the negativity experienced.