Could I do a spell when someone's sleeping in the room?

I wanna know if a spell will work if you’re like in a hotel or apartment and sharing a room with someone, and wanna do a spell at night?


I’ve done my spells while my kids have been asleep in the same room, and my husband as well and haven’t had any troubles. As long as they don’t step in my circle or try to break my concentration during ritual work, that’s all I ask, Lol.

But everyones experiences are different, so please trial it out with something small like a protection spell. See how the energy in the room feels, and if it feels like it’s too much or uncomfortable for you, I suggest you close out and try again while you’re alone.

Blessed be!


Greetings @jada1!

@Autumn7 shared some great advice- I completely agree! :+1: Adding to her wise words, I would suggest that spellwork is more dependent on you, the caster than the presence or lack of other people nearby.

If you can cast calmly and remain focused on your spellwork, it should work just like it would if you were casting on your own. That being said- if someone’s presence nearby (asleep or otherwise) makes you feel stressed, worried, and/or distracted, that will almost certainly carry through into your casting.

Something that might help is casting in the privacy and serenity of your Inner Temple- a great resource to draw on when you are traveling, away from your tools, or cannot set up spellwork in a physical space. Feel free to give it a try! :blush:

Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you too :smiley:


You’re very welcome, @jada1! Happy spellcasting :sparkling_heart:

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Great tips @autumn7 !! And @TheTravelWitch_Bry thank you for linking the “Inner Temple” post! I definitely need to practice that! And thanks @jada1 for the question! I wouldn’t have seen these without it