Court today, please send blessing

Merry Meet!

I am attending court today for my grandpa, who has not been heard by the court or spoken for himself in over a year.

I believe that there are some very negative forces at work here. When we present black and white facts to the court, they is not seen or heard yet the other side does not follow the laws, does nothing by the book, has NOTHING in black and white, yet the court always takes their side.

What I’m asking is that anyone who is willing, at 1:30 PM Pacific standard time today, 2 July to please lend your light to the side of TRUTH, LOVE and JUSTICE.

Thank you :pray: in advance.

Love, light, and bright blessings,



I just set up a blue chime candle. :blue_heart: May Hermes aid him in communicating clearly, may Truth be heard and Justice be done.

Stand strong. My energy is there with you. :pray:

Many Blessings!


You have no idea how comforting that is for me to know.

Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart :purple_heart:

Bless you❣️



Warm greetings, Dawn! :heart:

Apologies for the belated reply- I truly hope the court hearing went well, and that justice prevailed for you and your grandpa! You are both very strong to stand up for what is right and fight against the negative forces that are trying to hold you down. I am sending many good thoughts and blessings your way :two_hearts: