Covens - priestess or no priestess

My question: is a high priestess needed in a coven? Can a group move forward without one and still perform initiations and such?
I believe not, but wondering if someone can’t direct me where to find the right literature in regards to my question.


Hi Kandice, I’m a solitary witch so I guess it would be decided by each coven as they choose.


Hi @kandice! I’m Amethyst. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

Most of us here are solitary, but a few have been involved in covens in the past. Personally, I think you need to elect an HP just to guide things along and keep everyone on the same wavelength, but it doesn’t have to be the same one for every ritual. You can select a new one for each season or moon, or whatever.

Deborah Blake has a couple of books on covens, one coming out next month, that might be able to help you. I’m not sure. Most books are geared towards solitaries because covens have their own way of teaching their people.

Hope this helped you out!


Thank you both for your input. I think I found my answer.


I’ve never been part of a formal coven in a tradition. I believe a High Priestess and a High Priest are a sort of requirement in a traditional coven structure. They’re the leaders of the coven but they can be voted on in a democratic way. If you’re interested in coven structures from a Wiccan perspective then I recommend checking out A Witches’ Bible by Stewart Farrar and also Traditional Wicca by Thorn Mooney.


@kandice ok so this is what my dear friend said who is a High Priestess

“I went through all my classes and completed the rites required” and “I also completed my mentorship under the coven leader for years and did sole teaching hours, hosted circles and handfastings”

Hope this helps and gives u some insight.

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Thanks, my dear!


@Amethyst u are most welcome my dear sister.


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