Covid and senses

Merry meet everyone.
My family, myself included, are getting over the dreaded covid 19. We have lost our sense of smell and taste. I’m thankful that we’re all healing, but One if the ways I meditate and do my solitary ritual, is by lighting incense… does anyone know if it’s still possible to get into the ritual mindset without the smell? Or I guess I should be asking what other practices do you guys do to get into ritual that I won’t need my nose for?


@heathermigliore88 hi sorry to hear you and your family have been sick. I’m glad your feeling better now. Incense is not necessary for you to get into the right mindset. You could meditate for a few minutes or ground and center yourself. Could light a candle and say a prayer. It’s entirely up to you. There is not really a wrong way. You can even still use the incense, you don’t need to smell it. Your doing great and whatever you decide to do will be just right


Crystal has given you some great options here! Saying a mantra, lighting a candle, or using mudras are all great ways to get into a ritual mindset. You could also use sound! I just recently got a pretty new bell that I like to ring before meditating or sitting at my altar!


I appreciate you guys. Thank you :pray: I’m still learning so I wasn’t sure what to do. I do have a playlist that I love to listen to as I prep my alter and acquire my essentials for whatever spell I’m working on. I hadn’t thought about a bell for starting :grinning: I use bells for so much I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that.
Thank you all and now when I get my smell back, The Incense smell will just be a plus


You can ground yourself easily by tapping on your thymus for a little while. It stimulates the life force, increases white blood cells (which helps the immune system). Here’s more info on the thymus:

Hope your sense of smell comes back soon!!


The ritual of incense is basically ceremonial and useful to relax you. You can use an oil defuser but you still might not be able to smell it. I suggest a relaxing meditation before your ritual.
Be blessed. Garnet History’s Heir


I believe a person can raise energy before a spell in lots of ways, depending on the nature of the spell, your intention, sensory needs, your practice and preferences. Creating an altar, dancing, drumming, breathwork, meditating, Om-ing :), singing, fasting, tea, chanting, making a donation, walking in nature, making an offering to a deity, walking a labryrinth, gardening, etc. Whatever you feel elevates your vibration or energy or helps you draw positive energy into you, I imagine!

I’m sorry about your sense of smell. I read that people are having success with long-term olfactory training in studies to to partially or fully restore sense of smell after Covid – it involves using essential oils, specific ones, in a certain sequence and mannner. Maybe it would help?


I’m trying this! Did not know I had a thymus. I must have missed biology class that day :slight_smile: