Creating Portable Altars For Sale!

Merry meet lovelies! I’m going to be making some portable altars for sale, using tins similar in shape to an altoid tin. The first four are going to incorporate the elements~so earth, air, fire and water and will include miniature items that correlate with each element. For example tiny tarot cards, crystal balls, little chalices and small packets of dried herbs and salts, crystals, incense matches and more. Basically it’s your altar to go!
I really enjoy creating these and I often use polymer clay to make a near identical version of whatever I actually use irl to include in the travel tin!
I will upload photos as soon as one of these first four is nearing completion however if anyone wishes to see anything specific do let me know as I’m more than happy to customize!
Price will be in Canadian dollars (and really that works out better for nearly everyone as our dollar is kinda low comparatively) and s&h would be depending on where you’re located but it’d be no more than $19 no matter where I shipped it~just so I can ensure it stays reasonable. The altars themselves are priced at $20 a piece (which honestly is my time and materials cost and nothing else cost wise) and I pour my heart into making each altar truly unique and each item can be used!
I’d love to craft something for YOU so you’re able to take your tools and trade anywhere you desire so do please let me know!
Thank our for reading and I look forward to making your dreams come true


This sounds like a wonderful idea and a very fun project, @AliceInWonderdab! :sparkles: Thank you for sharing the information about your lovely portable altars with the coven. I can’t wait to see the pictures- happy crafting! :heart:


Thanks love! They’re so much fun and surprisingly useful! I pack mine everywhere I go

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