Crystal authenticity

How do I know if what I’m buying is the true thing? I’ve been looking online but I don’t know much about rocks, crystals etc besides they are pretty. I love big cliffs and Rock formations in nature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I also am really trying to de clutter stuff so trying to keep things minimal. Which I needed to tell myself that while looking at chicken stuff at a garage sale :roll_eyes: anywho, I’m afraid to buy not knowing and what are the basics? I like odd and unique things. I have a couple good size amethyst and some other ones I won at a rock show that I have no idea what they are. And I found a HUGE agate (I think) under the bush in my yard (I just bought my house a year ago and lots of odd stuff keeps popping out of the ground. ) where I live also is known for agates. I’m also really big about finding stuff at garage sales, second hand and walking around in nature. Ok, I’m ranting but any thoughts just let me know.


Ask the vendors for authentication. Find out where the crystal is from and ask the vendors questions about where it’s from, it’s properties. See how much they know. Do research first. I mean I could give you some of the vendors I go to and they are the real deal. And post them pics, I could see what I could do at identifying your crystals.

The vendors I go to are:

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On eBay, I go to That Camping Couple, Dinomite Rocks and Ultra Rocks.

Then, there’s my teachers store:

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You’re amazing! Are the subscription boxes worth it? I’ve only done a fitness one and it was hit or miss.

These are what I have besides my amethyst (my son hides my big one in his dresser to protect it so no one steals it, I keep taking and putting it on his desk then it disappears again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy:)


You’ve got some great advice from crystal expert @Christina4, @NoName! I’d definitely take a peek at the resources she shared :blush::gem:

I know your struggles- we were trying to identify amber and it turned out to be much harder than we thought! It turns out that amber floats in saltwater and shines in UV light- I imagine every crystal has its own unique tricks to check if it’s real. Identifying crystals is kind of like identifying mushrooms in that regard :grin::+1: :mushroom:

You’ve got some really gorgeous pieces! Good luck with your identification :heart:


Oh yeah, they’re real!!! The obviously white one is I don’t wanna say coral but it’s from the beach. I have one. There’s a lot of agates.clear quartz, citrine, carnelian, black obsidian, and some I don’t know… I am curious about the silver looking one.
Oh, the wood looking piece could be petrified wood or a type of tiger eye.

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