I am fairly new, i had a question about crystals. I am charging my amethyst tonight with the taurus new moon) I had already previously charged it under just regular moonlight. Was i supposed to do do something to empty the old energy? Also, i forgot to get my quartz before the sun hit it in the morning but forgot so now it has the mix of sun and moon energies, can I fix it or do I need to get more quartz. Thanks in advance!


It depends on the type of crystal as to how you cleanse them.

The simplest rule of thumb. Any with ITE at the end you want to use salt, smoke, or soil to cleanse them. Simply cover them with salt or soil for over 24 hours.

for smoke, cleansing pass over the smoke for 2 minutes as you visualize all past energies being pushed out and removed by the smoke.

For all others, you can use running water(stream, tap. ocean) while the stone is held in the right hand to visualize all energies leaving the stones. from the moment of mining till it reaches your hand picture the energies leaving being washed away. do this for 2 minutes for each stone.

Charge in Moonlite or sunlight. just do not charge amethyst in the sun as it can change its colour of it.


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The New Moon :new_moon: is a great time to put your crystals out to charge them. The sun’s :sun: energy being with it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but mixed energies. However, you said that it’s a quartz crystal. Quartz is a master healer & doesn’t necessarily need cleansing, maybe clearing though. So you could clear the quartz and then charge it under the 2nd night of the New Moon.

To clear the quartz (& other crystals) of previous energies & cleanse crystals:

1. How to Cleanse Crystals with Running Water

Hold your crystals under clear, purified water. The Water element is a powerful cleanser and will cleanse your crystals and recharge them. Some crystals are perfectly safe to cleanse in water, however, there are many that are not.

Note : Some stones should not be immersed in water, so if you are unsure whether your stones are water safe, use a different cleansing method.

What Crystals Can Go in Water

Agate, Amethyst, Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Snow Quartz, and Tiger Eye. All these crystals are safe to cleanse with water.

What Crystals Cannot Go in Water

Selenite, Lepidolite, Azurite, Malachite, Calcite, Angelite, Halite (Rock Salt), Celestite, Fluorite, and Rhodocrosite.

(@LadyDennaRahl brought up a good rule of thumb, it the name ends in -ite… it’s can’t be used with water)

Crystals that should not go in water include crystals that are very soft and tend to scratch or flake easily, and others that contain metals or toxins, causing them to rust or become toxic.

2. How to Cleanse Crystals with Sea Salt

Sea salt has long been known to have purification properties. For this reason, many people like to place their gemstones directly into a bowl of natural sea salt.

Note : As in water cleansing, soft or porous stones, such as Moldavite, are not safe to submerge in salt.
Put your stones into the small bowl of sea salt, or Himalayan salt, and leave overnight for approximately 24 hours. The salt will absorb all negative energies from the stones, leaving them cleansed and re-energized.

Note: Make sure you dispose of the salt so it is not used again. Only use glass bowls when cleansing and charging gemstones with salt.

3. How to Cleanse Crystals with Salt Water

Place some natural sea salt into a glass bowl, and add purified water and your gemstones. Leave for approximately 24 hours and then gently pat dry, or leave to air dry. You can conveniently get pure natural ocean sea salt from Amazon.

Note : Only use this method on harder stones, and (as with the running water), if you are unsure whether your stones are water safe, use a different cleansing method.

4. How to Cleanse Crystals with Rice

You can place your stones in a bowl of brown rice. Make sure you dispose of the rice afterward.

5. How to Cleanse Crystals with Smudging

Smudging is a very efficient way of cleansing gemstones. You can use sage (white sage is popular), sweetgrass, Palo Santo, sandalwood or Frankincense incense to smudge your crystals. I like using natural Frankincense resin incense (You only need a couple of resins on a piece of charcoal). You can get self-lighting charcoal on your favorite incense burner. Simply burn the smudge stick or incense and pass your stones through the smoke. This will clear the stones of all negative energy. Smudges invoke the cleansing powers of both the Fire element and the Air element.

6. How to Cleanse Crystals with The Moon

Both a full moon and a new moon are powerful for cleansing and recharging your crystals. You can place your crystals outside or on a windowsill exposed to the moonlight. Even if it is a cloudy night, the moon’s rays will still energize the stones.

7. How to Cleanse Crystals with The Sun

The sun is a very strong energetic way to cleanse your stones and crystals. Even when it is cloudy, the sun’s rays will still energize your crystals.

Note: Be careful though, as some stones will fade in the sunlight.

8. How to Cleanse Crystals with Mother Earth

Crystals come from the earth, so It makes sense that placing them directly into the earth will naturally cleanse all negative energies and re-energize them. The Earth element will absorb any negative vibrations that are attached to the crystals and re-energize them as well. I suggest you leave them in the earth for approximately 24 hours.

Note: You can also do that indoors in a pot or planter.


Hello and welcome @melinda6 :infinite_roots:

There are a lot of great people here who are very knowledgable as you can see from the responses from @LadyDennaRahl and @Siofra_Strega. I think you both have provided great answers to the questions.

If you have more questions, all you have to do is ask. So glad you have joined us.


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Whenever you bring a new item into your home, it is a good idea to cleanse it of negative energy as the ladies above have described.

If you forget to get your crystals before the sun hits them, I suggest you cleanse and clear the energy as above and try again the following night. Others may have different thoughts.


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I can see you’ve already got some wonderful advice about charging and cleansing crystals, so I’m just popping in to wish you a warm welcome. Make yourself at home here in the forum! :blush:

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Thanks all! I knew about cleansing stones but just got confused what I should do when switching purposes or if forgetting to get the crystals in before sunrise! After reading these, I’m like duh! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:t5: Ugh! You all are so sweet for answering and helping a baby witch out! :heart::heart::heart:


Thats what I was thinking! Thanks!


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