Crystals, Moonglow and Manifesting

Hi Janis,
My name is Jeannie I like working with crystals too I am picking up my Red Jasper right know I could use some strength and stability so I am holding it right know! I like Working with animal totems and right now I am working with the crow! Do you know of any suggestions for crow spirit? I was thinking about finding some music on the crow!
I have been visiting the dark moon and my shadow side lately! I found a really good book anyway just wondering what’s your favorite stone to work with?


Same here! I visit once in a while but not nearly as much as I used to!


Hi @Jeannie1, a woman after my own :heart: Crows are a big part of my life, as well. I do have a black kyanite blade that resembles a crow head on one side. :thinking:

At the moment, I’m drawn to the softer energy of tumbled blue lace & moss agate, polychrome & ocean jasper, lepidolite, and moonstones. Good question, I’ve not thought about crow spirit crystals but what pops to mind is black tourmaline (protective) and pyrite (intelligence & it’s shiny). Let me know what you discover.

The only crow song I know is a bit chaotic and dark by Aesop Rock called Crows 1.

Birds of a black
Black feather stick together forever and ever and they always remember you
And all of the sh*t you do
They pass it to the baby birdies and then they remember too
Little baby bluebird’s eyes turn black
Without forgetting the face of the guy in the mask
When you see me baby will you scream or will you laugh?
Little baby bluebird’s eyes turn black”

Have you found any music that resonates with Crow energy?

Ah, the dark moon. I find so much more challenging then the full moon energy. What book are you dipping into your Shadow side with?

Lovely to meet you,


Interesting enough I looked up black Kyanite blade and found that
Black Kyanite meaning
I was talking to my husband and I was wondering what stone to work with if someone is out of alignment and I see this could be a definite stone that I see myself working with. The reason is cause Black Kyanite activates our entire chakra column while also helping one realign their entire body and spirit.

I was looking into getting a moss agate for an offering bowl I really like the green and loved the deep green that it has in it.
Ocean Jasper is really pretty too and I was sorta wondering if I should get the moss agate or the Ocean Jasper. I have a pretty Moonstone ring that is my favorite to connect too because of its energy and how it is connected to the moon, so I really love that it is apart of the water element.
:slightly_smiling_face:Birds of a black :+1: :+1:

Crow Lullaby
Jackson Browne David Lindley - The Crow on the cradle
I have so many books but this book really gets my attention it is called and I should probably post more on our book club we have :open_book: Spells8 Book Club XII (Nov 5 - Dec 3)
DarkMoon Mysteries by Timothy Roderick. Timothy Roderick has a clinical Psychology and is in order with the Traditional Wicca. Its a book if you are trying to claim your dark side and find courage to do so. He also connects it with the Wicca Tradition and Carl Jung. and Joseph Cambell
Its really nice to get to know you and am glad that I learned about crystals that can help me clear out my chakra. I think I will work with a kyanite stone thank you so much!


Hiya @Jeannie1, Sorry I’ve not replied sooner but know that your thoughts where percolating these last few days. :thinking:

Nice, I’ve not come across that site before. You’re question inspired me to work with my crow kyanite blade to cut cords, and taking advantage of the waning moon. I paired it with a flat selenite for gentleness and thin copper to bond the two. I found the experience powerful while still being more modulated and I didn’t get overwhelmed.

Get both :wink:

That book sounds brilliant! (thx for the book club link) I’ve only recently dipped my toe into understanding the Wounded-Healer Archetype. (i couldn’t find the book you recommended but I have “Apprentice to Power” on hold at my local library. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Wishing you insight with dark moon/shadow side work.


I really would like to get a bottle from Amazon Janis so I could use my crystals more often!
Crystal Bottle