CT witches pardoned

Important news making headlines today:


That’s awesome and interesting!


From the article:

“We cannot go back in time and prevent the banishment, tarnishing or execution of the innocent women and men who were accused of witchcraft, but we can acknowledge the wronghoods they faced and the pain they felt, pain still recognized by their survivors today,”

A formal apology for those falsely accused and falsely persecuted is a step in the right direction. A shame it took them so long to get around to do it, but I’m glad it was done officially all the same!

Thanks for sharing the article, @Satu_TheGreenWitch! :heart:


This is interesting, sadly its the opposite here. Ive attached screenshots of our parliaments ruling. (I cant figure out how to add the links), you can see that the witchcraft act was repealed with conditions for fines and punishment for on people who claimed to use magic, this was then totally repealed in 1951 by the fraudulent mediums act, freeing us from these penalties, but yet again now this has been repealed again in 2008 putting us back in the fireing line for being sued if our magic fails to heal etc. A legitimate healer was reasonably protected from being sued, and the practice from fraudulent/fake practioners. Now this is not the case, so most people I know who operate in a proffessional manner state that their “craft is for entertainment purposes only” to protect themselves. The anti witch groups could now use this I fear to subtly persecute witches, its better than being burned. Still on the positive, with the amount of times the witchcraft act has been repealed, it wont be long until it is repealed again, in our favour, as its experiencing a revival, I dont know if you can listen to BBC sounds but heres a screenshot of the podcast.



I’m so sorry to hear that, Tracy :cry:

I hope that the laws in the UK evolve in a positive way for all those who practice the Craft- so mote it be! :pray: :heart:


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