Daily Affirmation 💞

Message to self:

“Breakdowns are a blessing

in disguise; they lead me to

my greatest breakthroughs.

Beautiful things are on the

horizon. So may it be.”

~ Shawn Fontaine


This is my problem with breakdowns, they are coming & happen when you least expect it. But the after is amazing, the best feelings come from releasing all of the stuff that was lingering. So only half of it is the problem I guess. :two_hearts:


I was reading a discussion about The Tower card the other day and how it can sometimes be interpreted in a good way. I think it really ties in with the message of this affirmation!

Sometimes, even if it seems horrible in the moment, destruction leads to a fresh new start that we otherwise wouldn’t have had. Bad things happen in life, but there’s power in the choice of how we handle them. Making lemonade out of lemons, so to say! :lemon: :grin:

Love this one, thanks Christina! :heart: