Daily Tarot Contest for Sunday Spread

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the the last of this week. So, this is the spread for Sunday:

I will request everyone to participate, just for fun. Please don’t share your interpretation here. Just share the spread.

Finally, please share your spread before 12 o’clock at night at your concerned time zone. Happy Tarot reading. @anneshakargupta

Reference: Weekdays tarot spread : Saturday & sunday Have a... -


If you can’t see what the cards are,
#1 8 of pentacles reversed
#2 5 of cups reversed
#3 ace of pentacles
#4 6 of cups reversed

Thank you @anneshakargupta for this opportunity! :relaxed::pray:


Seven of swords
Five of wands
Four of wands
The magician

I haven’t interpreted them yet but at least I finally got it done. :woman_shrugging:t3: Having to read by the “book” is really making me procrastinate with my readings


Thanks @christina4 and @phoenix_dawn for sharing both of your spreads.

Thanks a lot for participating in this contest. @anneshakargupta


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