Daily Tarot Contest for Wednesday Spread

Hello everyone,

We are in the middle of week to enjoy the tarot reading fun with full power. So, this is the spread for today:

I got a serious reading for today that I have to gone through some logical transition. I have to be very careful today.

However, please share your tarot spread with us before 12 o’clock at night by tonight.

Happy Tarot Reading…@anneshakargupta

Reference: And finally, the last installment in my weekdays... -


Love these, as a beginner, this is great for ideas beyond my usual three card spread. Today’s was a rather serious start to the day, but I try to stay open to what is being said, rather than getting bogged down in the potential poor outcomes. Would love any insight if anyone has time, my readings tend to be on the nose, still learning cards and developing more intuitive reading.

  1. I am having a big communication issue with a relationship in my life, I know I’m not getting all the information I need and I have to decide whether to back off and see what happens, or push for better and more honest communication.
  2. balance, I definitely do not have it right now, is focusing on balance in my life considered an intellectual issue?
  3. I love using the cards for divination, but tend to focus on relationships and can get somewhat obsessive about how my relationships are going with people (definitely tied into that lack of communication). Is it time to put a stop to this focus, and try and develop my divination skills by asking more balanced and well-rounded questions?
  4. let go, not the advice I wanna hear right now I’m not sure I’m ready to take it. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be heard.
    Thank you for posting these @anneshakargupta

I’d have to do mine later. But I love the site that you get these from.


Thanks @Bee12 for sharing but please be careful for rest of the day because today is a difficult day for you. You have faced logical unease/release already. Healing now, but you have to face a transition which will bring you into difficulties. You may use some spell to bring good luck and remove obstacles for today. Good luck. I wish you to see tomorrow at tarot contest.

Thanks @christina4 waiting to your spread. Good luck.


#1 I got King of Swords.(R)
What I got was quiet power and inner truth. I’m not going into details.

#2 6 of cups (R)

#3 The Empress (R)
Light, truth

#4 The Star :sparkles: (R)
Self trust


Wow, all are reverse! My God! Good luck for this day. See you tomorrow at Thursday spread. @anneshakargupta


My first Tarot spread in a loooooong time! Thanks for the inspiration @anneshakargupta :kissing_heart:

1. Six of Cups (reversed)
Letting go of the past, being ready to move toward the future. Boredom, stagnation.

2. Knight of Cups
Haha not exactly an intellectual topic but my dating life is certainly at the forefront of my mind at the moment :sweat_smile: did someone say knight in shining armour?!

3. Ace of Pentacles (reversed)
Lack of money, excessive spending, missed opportunities. Like @Bee12 was saying, the majority of my divination work is based around my relationships with others. Working on other issues such as my finances would be a good idea.

4. Four of Swords
Feeling overwhelmed, needing solitude, sanctuary and meditation.
With my recent increase in motivation and energy I’m typically trying to do too much at once. This is a good reminder to slow down a bit and take time for some super important self-care.

If anyone has any other insight into these cards please do share! :kissing_heart:


Thanks @Limeberry for sharing your tarot spread. Four of Sword also represents smooth running of logical thinking. So, be positive, use logic and don’t feel overwhelmed. Good luck. I wish to see you for tomorrow’s spread too.


Good day! Thank you @anneshakargupta for sharing yet another great spread! I did my reading during my lunch break today so it is laid out horizontal on my desk instead of vertical. I used my Ethereal Visions deck and Aphrodite was my guide today.

1. Communication Situation to Address - Rev. Judgement - The past cannot be changed, only accepted. Now is a time for a period of inner reflection and self-evaluation. Use meditation or contemplation to arrive at a deep understanding of the universal themes weaving throughout my life and what I can do or change to avoid these situations. Work on self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-love, and release.

2. Intellectual Topic of the Day - Rev. 7 of Cups - I am faced with multiple choices - relay on my inner wisdom and guidance to show the best way. Ground myself first and reflect on what I want for the long-term before making a decision.

3. Divination Matter to Work On - Strength - True power comes from within! Through patience, gentleness, and compassion, I can overcome obstacles. Stay strong and remain vigilant emotionally, spiritually, mentally and/or physically. Feel the fear and do it anyways!

4. Advice for an Extra Boost - The Artist (Bonus major arcana card in this deck) - Visionary, interpreter, creation, and passionate; The Artist is the vessel of creation. I need to open to the knowledge that is available if I stop and set aside the distractions of the human condition and listen. (I’ve been getting this similar message a lot from both Aphrodite and Selene lately.)

Guest appearance by my cat Bender’s foot, lol


I will do mine later. I am in the midst of a Tower week. :frowning: Getting ready for a major transition in my life, work, and it looks like my residence as well. I like this inspiration to do the daily or at least weekly reading.

Blessed be.


I only have the one deck at the moment because my Ryder Waite smith holographic deck was amongst the magical items that were stolen from me a couple of months ago but luckily I was more connected to my witches tarot deck.

  1. Communication situation that needs to be addressed: 3 of pentacles (I’m only listing keywords mostly because I don’t want to completely expose things from my personal life out of respect for my family as they are so finely intertwined with me) opening honest lines of communication to better work as a team and build together

Intellectual topic of the day: *The lovers-*finding balance and creating harmony in life

divination matter to work onsix of cups
I had trouble interpreting this card but since it is a strong depiction of letting go of the past and moving forward my first thought went to shadow work. I wasn’t sure if that counts as divination but after researching a little I found that you can use scrying to aid you in shadow work so I may try using my pendulum when the new moon appears and I start my shadow work journey

advice for an extra boostkarma (judgement) reflect on the past both good and bad but don’t pack up and live there. Let go of the past so I can move towards a healthy happy and more balanced future.
When interpreting this card I kept hearing a quote from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

“it’s no use going back to yesterday because, well, I was a different person then.”-Alice

I really like the idea of a detailed daily spread and I can see this becoming a part of my morning routine in addition to my herbal tea and meditation. I was just slightly disappointed in the reading itself because I was hoping to get different cards to work on learning. This message has been a frequent message in the majority of my readings for myself lately hence the decision to dive into shadow working. However I thought I had made a decent amount of progress without shadow work with releasing things that are no longer serving me but apparently I still have something else to work on so it kinda locked my decision to start reflecting and releasing things that are negatively affecting (effecting?) My spiritual growth.

Thank you @anneshakargupta for posting this. I got a late start with the challenges but I look forward to tomorrow’s. (I’m also open to everyone else’s interpretation of they see something else. I’m having a low energy day and I’m not reading quite as accurately and intuitively as I usually do)


@Bee12 maybe it’s not suggesting that you need to ask better questions when reading your cards, perhaps it’s suggesting that you should explore other methods such as scrying either with a pendulum or mirror or perhaps maybe even hydromancy or dream work? I’m having a low energy type day so maybe I’m looking into it from a strange perspective.

I have noticed a pattern when I looked back at everyone else’s submissions when I posted mine. It seems like in light of the Chiron retrograde the cards are enforcing the message for everyone to reflect and release

@jessica55 I was so relieved to see you’ve been getting recurring messages about reflection and finding balance as well. I was getting frustrated because when I read for others messages are quite as precise and rarely do I get the same general message from person to person but for myself I almost always get some form of reflection, releasing the past, trusting my intuition and that I need to work on communication within my life :woman_facepalming:t3: I drew my cards early this morning and literally left them layed out on my page able till about an hour ago before interpreting them because I just had this intense feeling that the cards were gonna push those same issues at me once more so I had to build up the extra jump start I needed so that I could actually accept the decks guidance today :woman_shrugging:t3::yawning_face::woman_in_lotus_position:t3:


Hello @jessica55 what a nice day you had. So happy that you shared your spread with us.

Hello @Magdelina I am waiting to see your spread. Please feel free to on from Wednesday spread to Thursday spread.

Hello @phoenix_dawn Yes, you had a nice day. For @Bee12 I will say that questions are fixed, so he cannot ask better questions. He had obstacles. I also had obstacle yesterday which became easier for me to handle because I knew about it through this spread.

However, all of you are welcome to participate at out Thursday Tarot Spread Contest. here is the link: Daily Tarot Contest for Thursday Spread

Good luck @anneshakargupta


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