Daily Tarot Contest, please participate before tonight 12 o'clock at your time zone

Hello everyone,

This is a daily tarot challenge. Everyone is warmly welcome to participate in this challenge. Please feel free to share your spread with us before 12 o’clock at night following your concerned time zone.

The challenge is:

Please share your spread before tonight because tomorrow another daily tarot spread will take place.

Reference: Monday spread - not a weekly spread -

Happy tarot spread.


Here is my spread! Sorry for the barely making it before midnight post, I lost track of time.

I used my Hush deck and Hades was my guide tonight. I like this spread. I think I’ll keep it in my wheel house.

Thank you for sharing @anneshakargupta!


Wow, thanks for sharing @jessica55

I wish you to join for today’s tarot spread too.

Happy Tarot Reading @anneshakargupta