Dark Spots

Hi just recently started to learn about what I’m passionate about. I was always told I was Italian n thru DNA found I’m Egyptian, 47% actually. Which explains alot. So I’m trying to help a person who has dark spots or can’t find inner-peace or trust anyone. I’m looking for a jar spell or mojo bag. I was already going to do a salts bath n candle but wanted something tangible that will be as a reminder it’s ok to close that chapter n open a a new one full of love joy n positivity.im not finding much online or in books. Hoping someone has something past down. Thanks in advance for any help.



Welcome! I’m near Harpers Ferry, WV. I’m an eclectic, all about trees and the Divine Feminine. I do not have an answer for you, but someone else here may. This is a very friendly and supportive community, and there are so very wise people here. I’m sure one the Bigs will at least be able to point you in the right direction!


Hi @maria20! I’m Amethyst from a bit more south in WV than Ron is. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

Are you looking for dark spots on the skin? Or in the heart? Either way, a lot of their inner-peace and trust problems may be due to a lack of self-love. So maybe try this one with your friend.

Anyhow, I hope this helps. Hopefully, some others will have ideas as well.


Hello @maria20 and welcome to the forum. As others have mentioned, I also don’t have a solution for you, but I’m sure someone else will.


Merry meet @maria20,

That’s an exciting discovery- congrats to you for exploring your ancestry! :blush: Do you perhaps feel drawn to working with the Egyptian Pantheon of Deities? :sparkles:

With the assumption that the dark sports are emotional/spiritual (and not physical), there are a few ways one might approach this. But just as a friendly heads up, for issues and problems that are complex and have multiple layers, you may need to cast multiple spells, with each spell targeted towards one aspect of the problem.

First, a lack of inner peace and inability to trust others both point to someone holding onto the past and being unable to move forward.

There’s a spell that immediately comes to mind for that:

Burn Away the Past: A Spell to Release the Past and Let Go

Although not a spell pouch per say, you could collect the ashes from the spell and add them to a sachet for the person to carry with them as a reminder :purse:

If they are hanging on to a person, rather than a situation, another spell to consider is this release spell:

“I Release You”: Spell to Forget and Move On

They can tear off a piece of the written message and carry it with them as a reminder that they have moved on, if they so choose.

Secondly, in terms of positivity- I agree with the advice Amethyst shared. Self-Love Spellwork is a great way to both heal and increase personal positivity :mending_heart:

Spell Pouches/Sachets are great ways to bring spellwork on the go- you can design your own based on the magickal properties of herbs placed inside :herb: If they have a favorite flower, that would be a lovely one to include in the mix :sunflower:

Magickal Charms, Amulets, and Talismans are fairly easy to make, especially if you use and enchant a piece of jewelry or crystal they already have. With a touch of magick, it is something they can carry with the throughout the day as a constant reminder of positivity :prayer_beads:

Just a bit of advice and some options for you to consider, Maria- I’m sure others will have some additional options for you too!

Good luck to you and the person you are helping. Blessed be! :sparkles:


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