Death and Astrology

On November 19th it wasn’t just my cousin’s birthday but it was also the day my grandpa passed away. I believe we had a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, I can’t quite remember and I’m on my way to work so I can’t really look it up.
I’m curious if there is any significance to someone passing away when an event like that is happening whether it’s eclipses or anything else? Or if anyone has any information on that topic?


I have never heard of someone’s death being in some way related to an eclipse spiritually or otherwise. However, when I went to see if I could find any information for you I found a little bit.

In most types of mythologies and certain religions, eclipses were seen as a sign that the gods were angry and that danger was soon to come, so people often altered their actions in an effort to dissuade the gods from unleashing their wrath. Wikipedia Source Link

I also found an interesting legend regarding eclipses & deaths of royalty in earlier times

Death by Eclipse and Other Coronal Curiosities - Haunted Ohio Books Death by Eclipse Legends

Hopefully, someone else may have some more information to help you out! :blush:


An interesting question, @janelle! I imagine those more experienced than I am in Numerology and/or Astrology might have some good answers for you.

As for the eclipse, I agree with Siofra that some cultures saw them as a negative sign. Today, however, many see the eclipse as something fascinating or exciting. In a literal sense, it is a period when astrological bodies align and create a moment of darkness.

Sorry I couldn’t be much help here- hopefully others will chime in with other things for you to consider! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


I’m still learning about astrology. One of themes that seems to have been pretty constant is that your chart is a reflection of who you are, not a cause of it. There’s no basis for extending this to astral events like eclipses, but it seems to me like it would be reasonable.

The history of astrology seems to fall into different groups, with some attempting to use it predictively. If I remember correctly, predictive astrology was more of an Eastern tradition. What I am getting at is that the answer that you are looking for may depend upon your beliefs and the astrological traditions that you subscribe to.