December 12th Daily Affirmation

Message to self:

"I cherish each and every moment,

because the present moment is all that

I have. I am grateful for the opportunity

to breathe, feel, experience, and love."

~ Lukas Notes


I am trying to cherish every moment. I am here & in the present and I am definitely grateful for the little things & I am trying to send out more love today.

My daughter & I had a very tumultuous moment earlier today and since then I have been working on making sure that she knows I love her and realize the error of what happened. I made sure we talked about what happened and we both agreed to work on our responses to each other. She’s 11 so I know that I let my emotions get the best of me regarding the situation, but we are better now and actively working on doing better than this morning.


That’s good to hear! My son’s eleven. He’s very emotional and needs alot of my time. I also have other kids that need one on one time( like my autistic son) and they’ve been fighting for that time. I sometimes get impatient and my anxiety kicks in. I take a breath and find something that we all can do together like arts and crafts. I have a bunch of little artists! It’s that love that wins in the end! You’re not alone in the hardships of parenting! I’m always here for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Oh, so it’s not just my daughter, Peanut is like anxiety-ridden over the last few months and also wants 99% of my time when no one else is home. Plus, I think her hormones are bouncing off the walls and her body is getting ready for womanhood soon. So her emotions have been extreme! We were making ornaments, she came up with this silly ornament out of hot glue & glitter. However, we did not expect 2 of my neighbors to post them for sale on their pages too and then 3 neighbors wanted 2 each plus their friends all want at least one, sometimes up to 8. Part of me was like… this is such a waste of glitter and hot glue sticks. The other part of me is like this is so cute and funny that people actually want them. The girl has made about $40 doing this since last night. Then we butt heads & both of our anxieties were running high. So I talked to her afterward. I told her we would work on our responses to each other and fix it. I love her and I was sorry for the extreme reaction. We hugged and went for a little walk then started making more of these silly little things.