Decks & Crystals (for sale)

Hello everyone! I have a few decks and crystals I do not want anymore. Nothing is wrong with them! I just did not connect with them and I want them to go to someone who wants/can use them rather then throwing it away or whatever. I have tried to inform people on my instagram and facebook market but no one has taken any interest so far. I would like to be able to sell these and make a little bit of cash. Im a full time college student so any little thing helps me out and id really appreciate it :sparkling_heart:

Here is a description of what I have and photos…

  • Smith Waite Tarot (Borderless edition)
    I have only opened up the packaged and shuffled with the the cards. They are too big and awkward for me to use. My hands are small haha.

  • Everyday Witch Oracle
    I have used these a few times. Again they are too big for my hands

  • Earth Magic Oracle Cards
    I have used these a few times

  • Animal Totem Crystal Deck
    I have used these a few times

  • Crystals
    If you want all take all or only want certain ones that works too! This list is not in order with the photo (Carnelian, Blue Agate, Ruby Zoisite, Lapis Lazuli, Angel Aura Quartz, Danburite, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Angelite, Blue Quartz, Green Aventurine Pendulum)

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These look great! I see you tried Facebook marketplace, but have you tried any of the specific Facebook groups? For example:

Magick for sale, buy, swap

The Metaphysical Marketplace

Wiccan/Pagan/Witch/Metaphysical Auctions

You should also try eBay! Good luck! :pray:


Thank you so much! I will check out those groups! So far I actually have sold most of my items! The only ones I have left are the Tarot deck & Earth magic deck.