Decks for sale! 💫

I have a few decks I do not want anymore. Nothing is wrong with them! I just did not connect with them and I want them to go to someone who wants/can use them rather then throwing it away or whatever. I have tried to inform people on my instagram and facebook market but no one has taken any interest so far. I would like to be able to sell these and make a little bit of cash. Im a full time college student so any little thing helps me out and id really appreciate it :sparkling_heart:

  • Smith Waite Tarot (Borderless edition)
    I have only opened up the packaged and shuffled with the the cards. They are too big and awkward for me to use. My hands are small haha.

  • Earth Magic Oracle Cards
    I have used these a few times

How much for everything except the earth magick…I already have it. @marissa

@roxanne the only thing I have besides the earth magic is the borderless waite-smith tarot. Which would be $15 plus shipping

ohh you got rid of the rest of them cool…I will pass. Thank you!

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