Deities & Sigils

I have been wondering if there are sigils that goes along with a particular deity or god and godess that you may choose to work along with or who may resinate with you.

Can you create a sigil for your diety? Or are there Sigils that goes along with each God or Goddess? Been very curious, can any one please shed some light?


Pinterest has worksheets to create sigils that are really helpful. You can make anything your heart desires! That is a really cool idea!


There are lots of sigils and symbols out there! It depends on what deity you’re talking about.

For example: Symbols for the Wiccan Goddess and God:


Sigil of Hecate (or Hecate’s Wheel)


Likewise, many other Goddesses have their own symbols, seals and sigils, such as Brigid, Bastet, Sól, Isis and more.

You can find them all here: The Goddess’ Temple: Myths & Symbols of the Divine Feminine in History. There is a set for Male gods symbols too.

Other Pagan Symbols:

On Google images, you can enter the name of the deity + sigil and see what comes up.

You can also create your own sigil. For example, research the deity and see what symbols or realms are linked to them. Then draw something and go from there. There are a few suggestions in this topic: Sigils, What to do?


INDEED… there are MANY sigil sites especially on Pinterest… You could choose one that is traditional or it could be really powerful if you make your own. I think @Linda6 suggested this, too and @Francisco has some references from the learning tools here on Spells8

Sigils are really very simple line drawings created with the intent to hold the meaning envisioned by the creator. (There are various tutorials to help create these)

If you are thinking about SEALS they can be quite complex.

I think Sigils and Seals are sometimes interchangeable but sigils are pretty universal and can be representative of a being or the intention of an action. A sigil could be representative of an entity and stand on the altar, or be used in spells to activate an intention or convey an action. It can be attached to an object for protection or activated by burning thus sending the intentions into the hands of the universe for fulfillment.

SEALS I have seen are usually representative of an entity (for protection or action by that entity) or representative of an action activated by a spell (healing, power, luck, good fortune, love, wealth) and then attached, carried or worn by the a person or object. Offering protection by the represented entity or as a tangible enforcement of the applied action - think talisman.


Thanks for the clarification, Berta! That distinction itself is a very interesting topic of conversation!

Historically, noblemen had a “sigil ring” which was a seal (stamp) built into a ring. This sigil was a sign of authority which they could use to stamp (wax) on important documents as proof of authenticity.


The Seal of Solomon, for example, comes from the legend of the signet ring attributed to King Solomon in medieval Arabic tradition. There are many versions of it, here’s one:


The term sigil derives from the Latin sigillum, meaning “seal”.

The word sigil… has a long history in Western magic. The members of the Golden Dawn were perfectly familiar with it (″combining the letters, the colours, the attributions and their Synthesis, thou mayest build up a telesmatic Image of a Force. The Sigil shall then serve thee for the tracing of a Current which shall call into action a certain Elemental Force″) and it was used in the making of talismans. The sigil was like a signature or sign of an occult entity.

From Wikipedia


Thank you @Francisco @linda6 @berta for the information I will check out pinterest, I am aware of how to create my own but was really looking for a particular sigil for the God Apollo :dizzy: just wasn’t sure if he had a particular sigil representing him just as the one for Hacate.:woman_shrugging:t5: but will sure to find something

Thank you!


@NickWick LOL sorry for the TMI moment… I think if you just type sigil for Apollo you will see that there are MANY images of sigils to choose from.


I don’t know if historically there is a sigil for Him, but you could create one that has meaning to you and Him if you decide to go that route. You could even just use symbols that are associated with Him.

Looking at, those symbols would be…
:musical_note: music notes
:bow_and_arrow: a bow and arrow
:raven: a raven

The list goes on and on!

You can find more historical info on Apollo here…