Depression Journal Prompts 🖊️

On a serious note, I found these to be helpful. I know that this time of year is hard for me. If you’re struggling with depression, just know that you’re not alone!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Journal Prompts for Depression

  1. Write down 3 things you achieved today.

  2. Write 3 things you are thankful for.

  3. When were you last not depressed? What is different in your life then and now?

  4. Write about the happiest time in your life.

  5. What are 3 new hobbies you would like to try?

  6. What is a part of yourself you are unhappy with – how can you work on improving this?

  7. What is a goal you are working towards?

  8. What are you doing to work towards that goal?

  9. Name 1 event that troubles you and you want to work on letting go of.

  10. What area of your life are you most unhappy with? (friends, career, relationship, financial)

  11. How can you start making changes to improve this area?

  12. When is the last time you did something nice for yourself?

  13. What are your interests?

  14. Talk about a time you helped someone.

  15. Talk about a time you helped a stranger.

  16. What is something that you are looking forward to?

  17. What is something you can plan, so you will look forward to it?

  18. What is 1 habit you would like to stop?

  19. What is 1 habit you would like to start?

  20. What is your favourite inspirational quote?

  21. How can you make more time for those interests?

  22. How would your perfect life look?

  23. Who is someone who is negative and you would like to spend less time with?

  24. Who are people that have a positive effect on your life and you would like to spend more time with?

  25. Who inspires you?

  26. What is your favourite uplifting song?

  27. Name something you need to forgive your younger self for.

  28. What motivates you?

  29. What is 1 self care idea you are going to do for yourself every day?

  30. What is 1 way in which you can reward yourself when you accomplish something

  31. Where do you want to be in 10 years time.

  32. How do you think your life would be different if you were not depressed?

  33. What are your favourite techniques to de-stress yourself?

  34. Name 3 techniques you can try next time you feel depressed.

  35. What are your favourite things to do when you feel depressed?

  36. Write about your values and morals.

  37. Is there any way you could change your life to live more in line with those morals?

  38. What are 5 things in your life you are thankful for?

  39. How would your best friend describe you?

  40. What is your perfect career?

  41. Do you have any secret quirky talents?

  42. How can you make changes in your life to achieve this?

  43. What have you learned through having depression?

  44. Who can you talk to about your depression?

  45. Make a list of 3 Mental Health books you would like to read this year.

  46. What are 3 Mental Health apps you want to try?

  47. Make a list of 10 TED talks for mental health that you would like to watch.

  48. How would you describe depression to someone who hasn’t experienced it?

  49. Which of these depression quotes resonated mostly with you?

  50. Do you think that people should talk more about their Mental Health?

  51. Do you think that depression can be overcome?

  52. What would you say to a friend who is suffering with depression?

  53. What are things that trigger your depression?

  54. How can you minimise or avoid these triggers?

  55. What is 1 change you can make in your life to avoid depression in the future?

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Thank you for this


Of course!!! I love my Infinite Roots family. I want to help you all in every possible way I can.


Thank you. I’m feeling like that’s where I’m headed lately. I was doing so good! I will definitely make use of these. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m definitely not going to lie, I am depressed because of my relationship with my so called mother!!! I just wanna sleep and not wake up. (Not a suicidal threat!)


I’m getting there. I noticed that I’m sleeping a lot more. :sleeping:


I sleep more when I’m depressed too x


Oh my lovelies I wish I could wrap you all up in a hug :heart::heart: I tend to go the opposite when my mental health flares, I get insomnia for days and sometimes ill just stand staring blankly at the wall for as long as it takes before someone jolts me back to the present. It really doesn’t help the slipped disc in my back tensing up and zoning out like that :heart: Thank you so much for these @christina4 :heart: if any of you need to vent I am always here :heart:


Ooh, same here!!!


Thank you kindly! I might take that into consideration soon!! I cry at the stupidest thing… I’m just going to take a lovely bath and hit the hey!!! Good night and I pray for a better tomorrow!!!


Anytime you need it :heart: a bath will help and I hope you sleep well :heart: and there’s nothing wrong with a good cry, it’s a way of releasing built up energy :heart:


I swing between the two. Insomnia, and just sleeping way too much.

When I was at uni and had a minor breakdown I was sleeping maybe one or two hours a night, not fun times.


I go between insomnia and sleeping too much, as well.


I feel better this morning but the evil step mother hasn’t awoken yet.


I definitely swing & it could be a daily thing. One night insomnia, the next day… sleeping too much. I have mixed episodes all the time. I had an appointment with my primary care doctor yesterday, I also get the added pleasure of early menopause & the symptoms that come along with that: mood swings, irritability, hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping,… I’ll stop there. :rofl: It’s not a good time I guess the bright side is that my body decided to do this early so it will end before others even starts? I don’t know if that’s a good bright side though.


Ooh I hear that!! I had a hysterectomy and that my friend put me on to early menopause. Ug, :roll_eyes: I feel your pain!!!


I had my tubes tied & an ablation in 2009 after my daughter was born. So that’s why I’m having it early & they have no idea when it will end or when it actually started. So that’s a good time too. :rofl: This past week everything has been amplified for me the menopause symptoms, my depression, my anxiety. I did manage to walk 3.55 miles yesterday though with my friend! That’s the longest we’ve gone this year. I had a bottle of water with me & it was in the 60s, but being warm & having hot flash at the same time… I had to change when I got home after a shower. I had to have bloodwork done for my thyroid, cholesterol, & glucose screening. She said that they looked better than last time…so I’ll take it!


That’s great news!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:


I’ve been having hot flushes for years, strongly suspect early menopause may be on the horizon for me but I have a mirena coil fitted right now and almost no periods so I’m just not going to have the conversation with a doctor yet.


I had the Mirena & didn’t have periods either. I loved it. I had it taken out when we were going to try for our 3rd child. After some time & a more than a couple of miscarriages, I wanted to have it put back. I went to my appointment & they did a pregnancy test before I had it done, I was pregnant! So we couldn’t put it back in, I had to be put on progesterone to sustain the pregnancy through the first trimester. She was my hardest pregnancy, so after she was born I had my tubes tied. Because of extremely heavy & painful periods, I had an ablation done. Then my periods stopped in 2009. So that caused me to have early menopause & they can’t really say when the hot flashes & such will end because they started sporadically & basically, I have to wait for my hormones to finish cycling through. I did find an over the counter, all natural & hormone free supplement to take that helps with 12 symptoms. It’s working so far, its a little costly but right now it’s working. I tried the Black Cohosh & that helped at first but then it kind of stopped working. I was also told I can try to take Red Clover too. Right now I am sticking with the one I picked up yesterday. I slept better & didn’t wake up with night sweats!