Did I connect?!

Hi all,
Looking for some feedback. I have been seeing shamrocks everywhere lately so, I did some research and reached out to Brigid tonight, and some unusual things happened (imo) I am new and have only reached out to a deity once before, and it seemed all business as usual. This time though, as I was reciting the invocation my chest felt tingly (like right before you drop for the first time on a roller coaster). After giving offerings, I went to snuff the candle, which I did in my usual fashion. I use my alter spoon as a snuffer, but this time it would NOT work… I tried 2-3 times and the flame kept jumping back up. I said “I guess we’re not done yet” so I wrote in my book of mirrors then tried again. This time the flame went out. Am I just putting too much meaning into this?

Any thoughts?
Edit: I also had a moment of being overcome with a hot flash, but as a gal of a certain age, I am not sure that’s out of character😂. That being said, I have not had one of those in months!


It sounds to me like you connected! I just watched a video yesterday about communicating to Deity through a pendulum, and the woman said a connection can be a feeling you have, or you can see something. That could include hot flashes, a shiver, having a vision, seeing a shadow, etc. I also think the candle not snuffing out is interesting, I’ve had that happen to me once!


Hi @ArcticCharm

I don’t work closely with any deities by name right now, but the sensations you are describing do sound like contact with a higher power or spirit to me. When working with a magickal entity (be it a deity, a spirit, the Universe, etc), I’ve found that They will make Their presence known in a way that is obvious to you.

It is the same with dreams or signs- one thing outside of your usual routine is interesting, but it is only when something happens over and over again or multiple things align in a pattern that point to a deeper message or presence (at least in my belief!). If someone doesn’t pick up on the signals, then They will keep trying until the message gets across!

The flame refusing to go out especially after you reached out to Brigid makes me think it was Her- but She is not a deity I work with! Luckily, there are many folks around here who do with Her and may have some additional advice for you :green_heart: :fire:

Have you come across Tending Brigid’s Flame yet? There is a lot of interesting information there about Her if you are interested.

Wishing you all the best- Blessed be! :sparkles:


@ArcticCharm It looks like you got a reaction for sure. The flame is very interesting. When I’m praying to Loki sometimes my flames get very high, and sometimes he won’t let me blow the match out :joy:. I’d keep watching, now that maybe you’ve got the first connection, be on the lookout for more. She’ll make it clear to you. How wonderful, wishing you many blessings lovely :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for your help -I experienced 2/4 of those! Time will tell :snowflake:

That makes TOTAL sense -thanks for your help! Time will tell if this was a “one-off” or the beginning of a connection. I just had no idea if these signs were worth noting -now I will! I will check out Tending Brigid’s Flame in more detail :snowflake:

From what I have read about Loki, that seems about right! :smile: Thank-you so much for your help and guidance -Now I will be more aware of how these connections might feel! :snowflake:


You’re very welcome, @ArcticCharm- I’m happy if I could help :blush:

If you aren’t already doing so, I’ve found it’s helpful to keep a little log or write a journal entry about experiences like this as they happen- that way it’s possible to look back and find any patterns that play out over time :grinning: Just a thought!

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


I know I’m a bit late to this one, but I do work with Brighid in my practice. Based on what you said that you feel or felt, I’d say that in some way, you did connect. Once you had written down your thoughts, things were okay to leave for now.

She is a lot of things & very diverse in different areas. The flame is q of her most popular things for good reason & it sounds like there is a connection there with her.


It definitely could be a connection - especially if it feels extra important to you :fire: In my experience with Brigid, she definitely lets you know that she’s there in one way or another :laughing: she’s not subtle about a lot of things, unless there’s a message to give to you and she wants you to figure it out :joy:


It really felt unlike anything I have experienced. Keeping my eyes open for Her now :snowflake:


It’s been my experience that as long as I’m trusting my intuition, it’s not going to steer me wrong. When I first started reaching out to Brigid, I was getting visions of symbols related to her in my meditations. That was in 2019! And here I am, still working with and worshiping her :heart:


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