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An attempt to sue God for fraud and egregious incompetence was made in 2005 by a prisoner from Romania named Pavel Mircea. Mircea, who had served twenty years in prison for taking a life, asserted that God had broken his promise at his baptism to save him from evil made and that that amounted to a breach of contract. Mircea filed a lawsuit against the officials of the Romanian Orthodox Church, whom he believed to be God’s emissaries on Earth. He wanted to receive compensation for money he had spent on prayer candles and other religious products. Well, the courts rejected the case because God cannot be subjected to man’s laws.
See? You don’t mess with mother nature, either.


That was a wild ride from start to finish- it is tough to imagine someone trying to sue a higher being or nature or literally anything beyond the laws of humankind :sweat_smile:

I guess he gets points for thinking outside the box? Oh boy :laughing:


Oh boy. I think God has some good lawyers. If that had gone through, so many other people would have jumped on the bandwagon. LOL!


he poor man forgot that God is not equal to him and that he does not prevent human actions but only watches because he is only love…

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Goodness, people will sue for anything these days! LOL If only prayer candles took care of everything from start to finish! :wink:


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