Different salts

I have seen different spells using different salts and I was wondering if any salt could be substituted by any other type?

For example, can I use pink Himalayan salt or rock salt instead of Epsom salt? I want to do a spiritual bath tomorrow for the new moon, and I couldn’t find Epsom salt in the supermarket, I would have to order it online and it would take a couple days. Can I use rock salt or table salt or Himalayan salt instead?

Also, what can be used instead of lavender essential oil? Can I use my own handmade prosperity oil instead? It has prosperity herbs, including lavender.

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@Peridot hello. Yes in general you can substitute salts. For a bath Epsom salts have some other qualities that will help muscle pain and swelling. If it’s just a spiritual bath or a cleansing bath rock salt or pink salt would work just fine. If you don’t have lavender oil you can add dried lavender buds to the bath or use the oil you had made. Hope that helps


I would think that chunky pink Himalayan salt or fresh ground would be good, it has decalcifying properties but it also promotes self-love. :two_hearts: Chamomile is a good substitute for Lavender too.


I would say it depends on the spell but usually the answer is probably yes.

This makes me think the Epsom salt does more than just provide protection in the bath. Epsom salt is also great for the skin, a great source of Magnesium, but also helps to loosen up any sore muscles and stiff joints [1]. If you don’t need that part and you just want the protection, I’d say any salt would do just fine if you feel like they’re all protective.

If your bath is for prosperity then this should be fine. Since it’s lavender though, I’m assuming the bath is for relaxing, releasing, letting go, etc. If you don’t have lavender, you can substitute anything you feel like also has those correspondences.

[1] WebMD - Epsom Salts Bath: How to Take One, What It Does


@crystal24 oh that’s a great idea! I could also infuse some lavender buds in water and use it in the bath, thank you :slight_smile:

@Siofra_Strega I have lavender buds, but not the oil. I guess I could use that in my bath. I didn’t know Himalayan salt promoted self-love too. Definitely using that then :slight_smile: Thanks!

@MeganB my bath is basically for protection, clearing of bad energies and also kind of welcoming the new moon and setting my intentions for this moon cycle. And yes, part of my intentions is prosperity and abundance, so I guess I will go with lavender buds and my prosperity oil. I will buy Epsom salt later though, because it has a lot of good properties and benefits. Thanks :slight_smile:


Sounds good! I hope you enjoy it :bath:t3:


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