Digging for Roots

I’m always fascinated by the roots of witchcraft and how we came to be as witches. Today I saw two videos that dug into two different, but related aspects of the origins of our practices.

The first is by Kelden, author of “The Crooked Path.” This video deals with how the witch trials and the mythology that came out of it shaped what we do today regarding things such as the sabbats and the wheel of the year. He makes the point that even though the cases against those accused were false, our present day sabbats are a direct result of the mythology presented in the trials.
Witch Trial Folklore - YouTube
The second video is by Jason Miller, author of “The Sorcerer’s Secrets.” In this video he talks about what we can do to find “the old witchcraft.” He offers suggestions on how to get in touch with the practice by learning in the manner that the ancients learned, by studying the natural world around you and engaging in sympathetic magic. Basically study and experiment with local plants and minerals and get to know the local spirits.
How To Find The “Old Craft” - YouTube
So two interesting ideas about our roots and how we connect to the witchcraft of the past. Have a great weekend witches!


Thanks for those videos.

For some reason in the first one, all I could focus in were the glasses and trying to decide if they had lenses or not?

I should be punished lol.

Second one I enjoyed greatly and makes a lot of sense. I have a bunch of books of herbalism coming as well as fungi, but without putting a physical plant on front of me and trying to identify it, looking at a book first wont help as much as going out there and seeing what’s local and what can be done with those plants etc.

And getting in contact with local spirits, interesting indeed and true.



I think i have ordered the same book it is also called the crooked path and am glad i have after reading your post thank you for that :blush:


Lenses in the glasses lol, don’t take it as a bad thing it is those who notice the other details most miss who are great in life… Oh what my mum would say, she used to notice people’s different shoes lol


It made me wonder why he chose to wear glasses without the lenses and what thought process went behind it all.

Curious me. I couldn’t focus on anything else besides focusing on his thought process and trying to read him as he spoke.



Maybe its the shine it gives when the lens are not anti-glare??? Who knows its another one of life’s mysteries…


Thank you! I’m sure that I’ll enjoy both but I’m curious about the video from Jason Miller :relaxed:


@Temujin_Calidius now I need to know! Some expert lighting there :thinking: This is going to be on my mind all day now


@TheMuslimWitch I ordered it too but it’s still in my :books: to read along with about six others though. Also ordered another one of his but hasn’t arrived yet.