Disruptions when meditating, continue or not to continue

Hiya witchy sisters and brothers,
i have a question ( as always ), and i was thinking if there is a disruption when we are meditating should us witches continue to meditate after the disruption has gone or just stop/give up?
I ask this as most of you know i am a very big family as the gentle “please do not disturb” does not get listen to especially by the 4 small kids and 2 kittens who love to toss and tumble only when its meditating time (no matter the time), and my lovely cockatiels who either eat all my lovely witchy displays so i have to stop them or all i can here is one of them sayin “tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, picka-boo” (although cute its very distracting…
Me personally i often if i still have the momentum and feel i can take a second to ‘zone’ back in i do other times i just give up as the feeling has disappeared and i can’t get back into that head space…
Let me know what you think… :blush:


Thats actually a hard question for me. I can sometimes get back in the meditative state and most times not. I either wait until my kids are in school or sleeping. By the time i get the chance, i end up sleeping. But as of lately, I’ve been meditating in the mornings. Grounding comes in handy. Maybe introducing your kids to meditating and show them that they have to be quiet. Good luck with this!


In my experience and learning from more advanced meditating teachers, it’s advised to ignore the disruptions. That’s the challenge of meditation, not even the physical surroundings but also within one’s body, an itch here, an itch there, cramping, meditation is to be still as possible, at least physically first, and brush all else off as “distractions”. In a house with a lot going on, children, kittens, birds, and so on. When it’s a bit busier, can try to break the meditation up, do 10 minute intervals every hour for so many hours, and stay put for those 10 minutes. When the opportunity allows you to do longer sessions, then take advantage of that time and extend the meditation.


I think it depends on the meditation and the distraction. If it’s something simple like noise and having to answer a question (as it is with children lol) then I will try to get back into my meditation. If I have to physically get up to take care of something? Nope, I call it quits and try again later :laughing:


I find that even when I’m meditating, I’m aware of what’s going on around me, like a survival instinct. If I do become unfocused, I just begin again.
But there are some days when my mind is going too fast and I can’t drop into meditation. Then there are days, like during and after a migraine when I just can’t concentrate. I call it the stupid phase, you know like a brain cloud, you’re standing on the outside of you’re body looking in.
Garnet Verint Anima


My understanding of meditation is to be forgiving of yourself when interruptions occur, whether self or others. Try not to dwell of what you perceive as a failure with this interruption… but simply acknowledge it as reality without judgement and move forward with returning to the now and live in the very presence of the moment. Now my understanding does not mean I am great at this. My mind struggles to calm down and just be present. But it’s my goal to achieve this ability with practice and learning to forgive myself and accept my imperfections as part of my journey. Be blessed!


Greetings @TheMuslimWitch,

You’ve already got some great advice here! :blush: I just want to add that meditating isn’t the same as drawing a magickal circle- where, if you do choose to draw one, you really need to stay in the circle (or cut and close doors if you do need to leave) and then take it down afterwards. So long as you didn’t set up any magickal walls or barriers, there is nothing stopping you from entering and exiting your meditative state at will :person_in_lotus_position: - well, aside from the distractions :laughing:

Everyone has their own rituals (either formal or informal, magickal or otherwise) when they meditate. Distractions happen constantly and, just like Eliza said, meditation traditions or schools often teach special techniques for how to avoid or overcome distractions both external and internal- they are something every meditationer has to deal with and are part of the meditation experience :+1:

Learning how to overcome distractions in a way that works for you is part of taking your meditation practice to the next level. Having said that, it can be really really hard :sweat_smile: It is something I still struggle with- sometimes I can push through an interruption and sometimes it’s just time to move on :person_shrugging: :laughing:

Wishing you all the best with your meditations, Khadija! :heart: When distractions are too much and you have to stop, rest assured you can always try again later :blush:


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