Divination 🔮 Discussion October 22 - October 28

Hey everyone! In discussion with @Francisco, I’m starting a new challenge/discussion for us to get our divination juices flowing. Originally, I wanted this to be for tarot but in thinking about it, I’d like to leave it open for any type of divination. This way you can use any method you’re comfortable with!

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How does it work?

  • Each week, starting on Thursday, I’ll be posting a new hypothetical divination question.
    For anyone that doesn’t have a divination method or wants to make it a little more challenging, I’ll pick some tarot cards for you to interpret with the question.

  • During the week, use whichever method you feel comfortable with to answer the question. Draw as many cards, throw as many bones, or pull as many runes as you need. Any spread you think will work is okay to use.

  • Write about it here in the comments and share any pictures you may have taken!

  • Discuss your interpretation and the interpretations of others and help out where you can.

  • Ask questions! If you’re not sure how to interpret something, please ask. Many of us have personal experience or other sources that we can share.


[ Image via Pixabay ]


What’s the purpose?

When we are learning a new method of divination or just practicing, it can be hard to get good practice without actually doing anything. Practicing this way with a hypothetical situation gives you an idea of questions that might be asked and it gives you practice in how to respond if you’re reading for someone else.



Anyone can participate – from new beginners to seasoned readers alike – to benefit from this discussion. To make sure we’re all on the same page, I’ve got some guidelines for everyone to follow to make this a place of safe and constructive discussion.

  1. Any divination method is okay - use what you’re okay with.

  2. This challenge will run from Thursday of one week to the end of day Wednesday the following week.

  3. If you do not want feedback on your interpretation or reading style, please say so. The purpose of this challenge is to learn and discuss with everyone else.

  4. Please use trigger warnings if your interpretation involves any mention of the following.

Trigger Warning Words (click me)
  • rape
  • abuse
  • violence
  • self-harm
  • other sensitive materials

To hide words, phrases, or content in your writing, highlight it, click the gear button up top in the formatting, and select either Hide Details or Blur Spoiler



This week, we’re going to start simple for our first discussion. Here is your hypothetical situation:

[ Image via Pixabay ]

A woman comes to you for a general reading. She is having some hesitations about her career and wants to get some more insight into how her past is affecting her current situation. She tells you that she’s thinking about switching careers, but she doesn’t know if that’s the right move. She is worried about how it will affect her future career prospects if she leaves her job now.

What do you tell her?

In your answer, please be sure to include the method of divination you used. This is so that someone who wants to give feedback can do so accurately. For example, I would not possibly be able to give anyone feedback on a reading with runes because, well, I don’t read with runes!


Don’t have a divination method but still want to practice?

Click here for the tarot cards pulled!

Cards Pulled

You decide to pull three cards for her: past, present, and future. These cards are as follows…

:crystal_ball: Past: The Five of Pentacles
:crystal_ball: Present: The Five of Rods
:crystal_ball: Future: The Emperor


Be sure to get your interpretations in before Wednesday, October 29th!

Remember, there aren’t necessarily wrong answers. Divination is often very personal and that’s why interpretations are fun and good practice!

Need more information on different divination methods? Check out these sources.

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Omg this is such a fun idea and something I definitely need- I’m getting so interested in divination and really need the practice! :heart:


I agree with you! This will be fun and I always love how interactive challenges are.

Thank you @MeganB!


Erm could someone please send me a picture or two of their tea leaves please so I can pretend they belong to Career Sally? (Because that’s her name now)
Haha I feel really silly asking but after the whole Spirits in my teacup situation I don’t really trust my own tea leaves to not be overly dramatic :sweat_smile:


Ooh I like a new challenge. Sounds fun! I don’t have the slightest clue when it comes to tarot :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but I’ll find another method.


Okay, I’m a beginner tarot reader, and I’ve never read for someone other than myself. I’m using the cards pulled. So here goes. I’m hiding the details in case someone else wants to read the same cards.


Career Sally (@Limeberry said that was her name now!) You’ve had a difficult time in the past with your job. No getting enough feedback or raises. That’s what the Five of Pentacles signifies. Now, though, you’re letting that past negativity make you argumentative, hence the Five of Wands. You want more and you’re not getting it without a fight at your current job. If you change jobs, you can be your own boss, or have a position in a company where there will be few above you in leadership. It will be a difficult job, but you can do it.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hooray- this sounds like such a fun challenge! :heart_eyes: This is a great way to make the jump from self-readings into reading for others, and even for experimenting with different methods of divination! Thanks for putting this together, @MeganB :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ohhh I’ll have to think about which method I’ll go with… :thinking: I’m thinking tarot or tasseology. If I do a tea leaf reading, I’ll be sure to share pics of the cup with you, @Limeberry :raised_hands::coffee:

Don’t worry, Career Sally! We’ll get your career situation figured out :joy::+1:


I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :partying_face:

You’re very welcome :hugs:

If I read tea leaves, I would :rofl: maybe for these challenges you should use a different divination method lol

Can’t wait!!

You’re welcome! And yes, we’ve got Career Sally’s back :laughing:


I like your reading! It’s very straight and to the point and covers the traditional meanings of the cards well. Good job!


For my reading, I tried a method I have never done before, and that’s bibliomancy. This method involves picking a book and flipping through the pages at random to land on a passage or set of sentences and get insight from that.

The book I chose was The Goddess Pages by Laurie Sue Brockway. The page I originally landed on was blank (apparently I’m not that great at bibliomancy :laughing:) but the page next to it was Goddesses of Work and Finance. I flipped through after these pages and landed on Artemis with the following section. I’ll hide it under a little arrow so as not to influence anyone else inadvertently.

My Reading

Taking a proactive approach to career building is a way to take charge of your professional destiny. It may be a little daunting to put yourself out in the world and try things you have not yet experienced in life, but it is the act of giving it your best shot, with all your heart and soul, that makes an experience so gratifying. Like taking a ski lift to the top of a mountain and stepping off the slope to ski for the first time, it’s exhilarating, risky, and occasionally terrifying. You may or may not have all the training needed for the task. The trick is to approach it as if you can, and will, pull it off.

I think Career Sally should definitely move on from her job right now into something she enjoys doing. She’s obviously not happy and feels like she has been skating by, not going up but not going down, either. If she moves jobs now, it will be reaffirming to her that she is going in the right direction because she will have a hand in the creation of her career. Once she leaves her current job, everything else will fall into place or come second nature to her with a little bit of work.

This was fun and interesting. I will definitely have to try out bibliomancy more often!


Thanks so much @MeganB! I’ve only been really into tarot for about six or seven months or so. I’m glad you think I did a good job!


Absolutely! Learning tarot is a lifelong process, I think. There is always something new the cards can teach us or reveal to us. I’ve been reading tarot for a few years now and I still learn new things occasionally :sparkler:


Hahaha I laughed out loud :joy: Sometimes I look at my tea leaves or cards and feel… nothing- just like a blank page. I usually interpret this to mean I’m not focused enough- kind of like a “come back later” sign :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Bibliomancy sounds like fun! :open_book: Another divination method I want to give a try some day. Sometimes I feel like there’s too many methods and I can’t think of enough questions to ask :laughing:


So I tried a little bibliomancy using my Oracle book!

The page I opened was this one:

The pages then flipped themselves to land here:

What I took from this is that Career Sally is being treated poorly and unfairly in her current place of work and as the first page states she deserves better. Changing paths may mean a financial hit. In the past she’s possibly been motivated by her earnings and material gain but this is no longer enough. She is probably earning well in her current position but she needs to decide whether the extra money is worth the unhappiness she’s feeling. Changing careers now would mean less money initially but will give her room to live a fuller, happier life.

This is my take anyway- give me your feedback guys! This is the first time I’ve attempted something like this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


This seems like it is going to be both enlightening and a lot of fun, @MeganB. Thank you! I will use the Tarot spread you pulled for this exercise. Not knowing anything about this fictional person, and not having her in front of me to read, should bring our some real creativity.

From the line of questioning, I feel this:

She is having some hesitations about her career and wants to get some more insight into how her past is affecting her current situation.

Her past seems filled with great changes in fortune. Normally, I would pull more cards to get clarification but if we’re just talking about past career choices I would say she is hesitant today because she doesn’t believe her past choices led to a good present reality. Looking at her past she feels like different choices would have produced different outcomes - and they would have - but those other choices belong to other versions of her and not the version doing the asking. She can’t change the past and while she may feel like a victim of her career path, she is actually a survivor and a warrior.

She tells you that she’s thinking about switching careers, but she doesn’t know if that’s the right move. She is worried about how it will affect her future career prospects if she leaves her job now.

Why does she feel like changing careers? Is there a new, better opportunity awaiting her? Is there strife at work with customers/co-workers/superiors?

The cards say she is still fighting the “what ifs” in her mind. She wants a better future for herself and the current trajectory seems filled with uncertainty. But this is the energy she is putting into the world so this is all she can see - clouded decisions with no straightforward outcome.

I believe she is battling herself and she already knows what she needs to do.
Letting go of doubt is the best way forward. She has all the tools and resources she needs to succeed at this point in her life. Life is always full of change, trauma, healing, learning, and teaching. Her doubts and hesitation point to a lack of awareness of her own greatness, her own success.

It’s time to choose to look at what went right from past choices, stop battling herself, and let go of the “what ifs”. It’s time to do what she knows is right and to stop looking for guidance from others in this situation because the guidance she needs is already there within her. The Emperor holding the crystal ball is proof this is correct and by accepting her right choice she will see a great reward in the future.


Oh man you should have seen my face :laughing:

This sounds like a great takeaway! Also, I :heart: LOVE :heart: that Oracel Book! What a fantastic idea!

I love your interpretation and seriously, if I was getting a reading from you, that delivery was amazing!


I like that meaning @Limeberry, very straight forward. Good job.


All right, Career Sally! Let’s see what we’ve got in store for you…

I ended up going with tarot too- I haven’t done anything with it in a few days and it seemed to be a little lonely :sweat_smile: (sorry deck- it’s been busy!)

I decided to pull three cards- not distinctly for the usual past/present/future, but rather one card to address each of Sally’s questions :mag_right:

Here’s what we got…

  1. How is my past affecting my current situation?

Card Pulled: VII of Pentacles
This is a card of planning, patience, and investment. Sally has put a lot of time and effort into her career to get where she is today.

Perhaps it is because of how invested she is in her career that she is so hesitant and cautious about changing. This is truly a big decision for her.

  1. Should I switch careers?

Card Pulled: II of Cups
This is a card about relationships built on mutual respect and support.

I would have expected such a card to be reversed- but I supposed I can interpret it in a way that Sally needs a career situation that gives back to her what she is putting in to her work. If she feels that her current situation is balanced and reciprocal- stay. If she feels she is giving more than she is getting- time to go.

  1. If I leave my current job, how will it affect my future career prospects?

Card Pulled: III of Cups
This is a card of community and bonds with those around you.

Sally’s decision now will likely have far-reaching effects on her social circles. As this is the second cups (water element card) drawn, I personally would interpret this to mean that leaving her current job will require flexibility and adaptation but will lead to benefits in her social networking which will likely be expanded in a new career.

FINAL VERDICT- according to these cards I pulled and my interpretations, I say- getta outta there, Sally! Time for something new :laughing::+1:

Thanks again for a fun divination challenge, @MeganB- it was a delight! And good luck to Sally :clap::joy:


Lovely tarot deck @TheTravelWitch! And good reading! I think everyone has encouraged Sally to leap forward into a new job so far. That old one must not have been any good for her! LOL.


Good morning.

I have never done any kind of reading for someone else so I used the cards that were pulled already.

I would tell her:

In the past she has been worried about financial health and security and that she is looking for a chance to clear her blockages going forward. As for right now, she is brainstorming for ideas and being pushed to excel so a change of career in her thought process makes sense to bring about some change for her. In the future changing her career would be her taking action to change her situation and the best idea for her to get what she wants for change is to go ahead and be the change by obtaining a new career to excel in for herself.

I have never done a reading for anyone but myself, but that is how I would have interpreted the situation. If I am totally off, please tell me, but the feeling I get about the cards and situation is just that.

I hope everyone does well! I think next week I will use the same divination method, so I can get better at the cards. I just started dabbling in the pendulum.