Divination Guidance

Hello @TheMuslimWitch

As I promised you, I am attaching some divination tools for you.

  1. Rune cheat sheet: Runes are easy to carry with you. It contains your willpower. So it do not lose its energy easily like tarot cards. Have a rune set and choose one in each day randomly. Don’t forget to note the reading. 8ff883ad0b7fe4a9736dab5bff7e9a99|690x442

  2. Tarot cards are very useful for daily use and bring changes to your upcoming day means future. Spells8 course on Tarot is the best one.

  3. Dragon Protection Spell:- This is the ultimate for protection.

  4. Crystal Wand:- Have a 7 Chakra Crystal Wand. In the end of the day, massage your head with it and go to sleep. This will help you to keep yourself clam and steady in difficult situations.

  5. One suggestion from me:- Different people behave differently. So think that nothing is irrational. Try to apply this principle on your husband and think how you can help yourself in this situation?

I am always in your support. Spells8 is a family. So be strong and don’t listen to anyone else except your heart. @anneshakargupta

A) Runes – A Year And A Day
B) https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e8/1b/63/e81b63b1a83cbdfc2e28f99350968793.jpg


Thank you @Princess_Tara . The rune cheat sheet will be helpful since i recently brought some runes. As for the tarots i currently have an light oracle set and another waite rider one coming in the mail… Most days i perform divination with the runes and everyday i do a tarot reading even if it is simple… My wand had an Amethyst on top and some night i put it next to my bed side table and concentrate on light and putting all my energy into it… I do reason with my husband alot that is why we still are married! I guess it is harder now as in the last 2 years or so i got tired of putting my head down and accepting what ever my husband said… This caused major issues and nearly a divorce and my husband is still convinced someone performed satanic witchcraft on me that’s why i changed, but to be honest there is only so much a person can sit quite to as just nod. If no one was going to stick up for me i had to stick u o for myself regardless the outcome… Anyways in my husband’s eyes he still thinks i have changed and am not the ‘good’ wife i used to be… but all that matters is i know who i am and i know i am a good person.


Also if I may add, Biddy Tarot has a great tarot course. And they have a cheat sheet for the explanation of the cards. Here is the link:


If your husband thinks that you have changed and you are not the ‘good’ wife as you used to be, then that really does not matter because born to realize ourselves. If you read the book “What Religion Is: In the Words of Swami Vivekananda”—you will be able to find that we need to realize ourselves to free our soul.

Why were we born?:- If you read this book " Life Beyond Death: A Critical Study of Spiritualism", then you can realize that our souls fly in the universe as particles. Over time, it gets heavy and when it get heavy, then it comes down to our planet Earth. It needs a body to survive. This is the reason why we were born, Western civilization, however, think it in a different way, but in your case, we must consider the Eastern concept to get the right path. Now, it is our duty to free our soul so that it can fly back in the universe again and take more long than this birth to get heavy. This book gives us an exercise that imagines that you are dead and your soul is standing in front of the body. If your soul or energy is heavy, then it cannot fly back to the universe. So, realize yourself so that your soul or energy can fly back to the universe easily after your death.

Finally, I don’t think black magick exists. Black magick means doing a magick to harm others with Jinx, Hex, and curse and without knowing the outcome of it. When we do magick, we always have an intention. If your intention is clear, then that is not Black Magick. So, I don’t think Black magick exists in reality, but people do use to harm others with Jinx, Hex, and curse on others which get back to the offender 3 times (Rule of 3).

Stay strong and read these books, if you wish. these are lovely books.

  1. Life Beyond Death: A Critical Study of Spiritualism:- Amazon.in: Buy Life Beyond Death: A Critical Study of Spiritualism Book Online at Low Prices in India | Life Beyond Death: A Critical Study of Spiritualism Reviews & Ratings
  2. What Religion Is: In the Words of Swami Vivekananda:- Buy What Religion Is: In the Words of Swami Vivekananda Book Online at Low Prices in India | What Religion Is: In the Words of Swami Vivekananda Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you @Princess_Tara for being so kind… as soon as I finish reading what I am on at the moment I will look into finding and purchasing these books… they sound so great :two_hearts:


My pleasure. I am happy to be able to help you. @anneshakargupta