Divination using a variety of decks and 1 card spread

I have a habit of doing 1 card spreads before bed about tge next day. Usually asking for advice, sometimes what to expect. Sometimes its impactful sometimes doesnt mean much to me. I really need to journal these things so van reflect on the reading maybe each night before n after readings for ne t day can reflect on previous one…
But so tonight i tried a few decks, just a one card draw each and i saw a theme that struggles or times of change or learning were ahead. Not suprised tbh, i know one thing bout tommorow n at the moment at work… we are understaffed and just losy another staff n cant get relief… its apressure cooking fighting to keep it together. But the exciting thing that not just the theme i was getting from different decks all seeming to give a difgerent view of same thing but also appeared related i did a 1 card draw from runes deck and i got algriz. The rune for protection. I asked what can i expect from tommoriw abd despite cards indicating trouble or chalkenges struggle n learning i also got protection that was going to ve there and now i really want ro try that technique again. It really seemed to help give a situation full prospective just from different angles. I am only comfortable wuth 1 xard draws at the moment on regular basis due to time n exhaustion. Some spreads id done like 7 day spreads but tje description of some of decks used that with was so long it was hard to keep up as id read yhe reading for the week n each day review it either in morning or night befire for that day. Uve not really got hang of the other spreads yet but i want to learn. Its hit n miss when i get time. Especially for spreads that cards interact with each other rather than just stand alones. But for now 1 card draws seem to ve easiest for me to do. But ive just found a way to do it which helps give more info or understanding than just one card but not complicated interactions. Ive seen readings done with different decks but again complicated interactions. N im not skulled enough yet to do those n time is of the essence… its go go go. I havr to consciously make sure i take times to stop n reflect before going again… but exciting it is to know i have simple but informative options if im short on time but need more than just one card. Ok im up early tommorow better get to bed. But thought id share my discovery.


It’s a fabulous technique for divination, especially when the situation can be a bit complex! It sounds like you’ve found something that really works for you. :blush: I’m sorry to hear that the work situation is not the greatest right now though. It always sucks when somewhere you spend most of your time is not a good environment.

I can’t wait to see where this takes you! Congrats to you :sparkles: for finding this method! Here lately I have been combining oracle cards with ogham stones. Let me tell you…they tend to compliment each other very well and get the message across in a way I can understand.


What a discovery, @Phoenix_Fire- it sounds like you’ve picked up a technique that works really well for you! :blush: Continue to explore and experiment with it- I imagine it will continue to evolve the more you use it.

I hope the cards continue to reveal advice as well as protection for you- wishing you all the best! Blessed be :sparkles: