Do spells really work? YES

Remember the prosperity spell I just did and posted here??? Lol last night I got a junk mail for unclaimed property…I never mess with junk mail but put my name in at state office where I used to live…lol I have money in Indiana…so just filled out the paperwork to have notarized…lol


Congratulations, @roxanne!!

Spells really work! I’m a big believer in sigil practice and started working with them as a teenager without realizing the effects they would have. But of course I had my mother’s guidance which was more than enough.

I was in university the first time I cast a serious spell that worked. It was for a job interview to go well… I got the job!

It’s a really amazing feeling. For me it’s all about the intention and energy you put into it. :raised_hands:


Congratulations! :smiley:

And I agree, it really is an amazing feeling when a spell you did works. One of the first serious spells I did was a healing spell for one of my horses a couple years ago; he had gotten injured the same day. I remember being completely exhausted afterwards since the spell used a lot of my energy, but my horse was much better (of course also thanks to the vet :wink: ), so I couldn’t have been happier :relaxed: :racehorse:


Great news @roxanne! I’m very pleased for you :grin: one of my most recent manifestations came to fruition yesterday when I purchased a car I had always always wanted.

Bizzarely, I had never thought to manifest the car before, but on the last New Moon I went for it and yesterday I purchased the car :blue_heart: sooooooo quick, I must have been due some good Karma!

I’ll post a pic in the morning, I love her. :joy:


Please can you tell me more about sigil practice? :blush:

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YES! Very Exciting for them to work. I haven’t had a spell not work within days of doing it, so I am happy, knock on wood!


My sigils are intuitive so they usually happen spontaneously when I’m scribbling on my notebook. Later when I go back through them I find that the things I drew manifested in one way or another.

For example, I drew a simple map of a place I wanted to visit, and then ending up going there. For a money sigil I would draw a cheque with the amount, or draw the things that I need the money for.

For me, sigils tend to be an expression of something that is already in my mind so it’s a way to visualize it more clearly.

There are more ideas for making sigil on this topic:

Congratulations on your new car!! :clap:


Fab thanks, I will have a read and thank you! :grin::blue_car: