Do you talk with your Tarot daily?

I love Tarot because it solve all my problems. I had complaints that my people don’t listen to me or I cannot share my problems with them or they don’t understand me because I think differently.

So, my Tarot is my best friend and everyday I ask him about how he want to spend his day with me. I am attaching my sheet of “Taking with Tarot here” which all of you can try for yourself. This really works.

Click here to download: TALKING WITH TAROT.pdf (649.6 KB)

Today I got this reading:

I used the pictures from Spell8 because I have the digital format of it. Specially Commissioned Deck will look different, but it guided my day very nicely. For example, I asked myself about what I want to read for today so that my reading will fit with my interest. I was reading the book for the book club of this month, but today I want to read a module of Witch school. For rest of the day, I will relax and enjoy with my book because my Tarot is going to take all pressure upon him. So, talking with tarot works for me.

I wish you all to use this sheet and share your story with us. Have a happy Tarot Reading.


Thank you for the info and pdf!!! :pray::relaxed::sparkles:


I usually say good morning to my cards and chant over them as I do my daily draw but nothing like this. This is cool!


This is beautiful, @Princess_Tara - I agree that a tarot deck can be a wonderful thing to turn to in times of need :pray: Everyone has challenges of their own, but we can always count on our decks to be patient, listen to our concerns, and offer guidance in the right direction :sun:

Thank you for sharing your guidance and the tarot worksheet! :heart:


my pleasure @christina4


Thanks @Amethyst

What tarot is saying is really important for me because it guide me in every step. It’s precious to me.



My pleasure @TheTravelWitch