Does anyone actually believe in 'i told you so'?

Hi everyone, so i am asking this question as i feel when my partner tells me not to do something and i always do it i end up in a pickle. This has happened many times since i’ve been married, but for example it happened again today where the he said “i do think you should go on your motorbike today” and me living for the thrill said “i’ll be fine don’t worry”. So as one does when they are trying to defy life, i hopped in the bike said a little protection prayer and less than 5 mins into my ride i fell off my bike on the roundabout even though i was going super slow… So my question is, does any one believe that when someone tells you not to do something you shouldn’t otherwise bad consequences will happen, or do you think perhaps i have given myself a sort of mindset and this is the outcome of my own thinking?


Thats an interesting one. Since words are themselves a spell in a sense.

I mts possibly the mindset, because as you’ve said, it has happened a few times to you now, so you may have a sense of belief for it occurring. I bet you on some occasions nothing happens at all as well?



I think it may be a case of you allowing your partner to get into your head. He’s told you it’s not a good idea so now that’s on your mind, even if it’s subconsciously.

And I hope you’re ok after coming off, it happens to all of us. On the bike group I’m in on Facebook it’s referred to as the bike “fainting”. Though sometimes if you’re going too slowly round a corner that can be the problem as the bike needs sufficient power to maintain momentum to stay upright. I’ve been there myself practicing the dreaded turn in the road which is part of the mod1 test here in the UK.


Yes that’s what I thought like when someone gets to your head it just sticks there… As for the roundabout, well it was raining and The bike kind of just slid and and I was under it so I got a big swollen knee and 2 painful scrapes. It could well be the slow turn then again I always go around that round about just not in the rain….


I’m in agreement with Temujin and Iris- it sounds like what your partner said became a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Words can carry a lot of power, not only in magickal purposes, but also for influencing the thoughts and actions of those around us.

I’m glad the injuries weren’t serious, @TheMuslimWitch! May your scrapes heal up quickly :pray: Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you…. Next time I will use some common sense not to ride in the rain :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Mhm, if you have an interest in the occult, magicians, elites. Makes you wonder why media, including social media is made to ‘sway’ in a particular direction.

It’s all influence, and the word/verb, verbal, written or otherwise is all a ‘spell’. Becoming immune to it all is all part of spiritual awakening.

‘They’ will never own your minds if you don’t allow it. But that is why ‘awakening’ is not generally wanted on mass-scale. It removes a lot of the controls the system has on us as humans in this physical dimension.

It’s been going on for millennia. Brings us right back to this weeks topic of history of witchcraft :smiley:



The power of suggestion is soooo very a thing. I relate it closely to Magick so maybe You need some wards against this persons spells…

 "I told you so!" Is something my parents used a lot to keep me 

from harm but being a stubborn child, I did it anyway. Sometimes it was good, sometimes not so good but it always taught me something.
That , “It’s our friends or loved ones showing concern or fear” for something we are about to attempt. Most of all it’s their way of trying to keep us from making the same mistakes they made.
My parents would have been completely happy if I had stayed at home, sitting safely in a chair saying; “Yes ma’am or No ma’am.”
That would have been perfect for them, a perfect obedient daughter who did…nothing. But that was fruitless and self defeating for me. How does one learn if one does not try, how do you experience life without living it?
I tried never to disrespect my parents but I couldn’t sit in one spot and stagnate. If I had, I wouldn’t be the person I am today I wouldn’t have lived the wonderful life I experienced. There has been very bad things that happened, that knocked me down but in the end I got back up, stronger and smarter. Then there was the glory of love, children adventure…Life was great, both good and bad.
So in conclusion, Is the phrase I told you so prophetic? "
I don’t think so, unless he’s clairvoyant and I don’t believe he is. From what you’re said about him, he loves you and is concerned for your safety.
Jeez, I sound like a teacher.
Love you, Garnet


Sure are a great teacher and thank you for sharing your thoughts @Garnet. I said to my husband do you know the first thought that came into my head after i fell and got back up on the bike was? I said thank god that i didn’t hurt anyone else and the next thing i said was well i was bound to happen and now i do not feel so afraid of falling as it has already happened. Also as my motorbike instructor said you are bound to fall at least one is your riding time. @Garnet i do believe you are right and it just sounds like my husband loves me and yes he does in his own way… I guess i will keep trying to defy life since i have to find things out for myself even in my adult years…


According to my opinion, when anyone is suggesting something, then think about the reasoning behind it. If you can find any reason, then follow that. Otherwise, no need to listen to that suggestion.

Let me give you an example from life: I love the “Blue Sapphire” stone. I wanted to wear a ring of it always, but my parents is scared that it can destroy my luck. According to Indian mythology, this stone is extremely dangerous. This can make anyone king in one night or destroy anyone in 24 hours. Then I looked into the magical properties of the stone. Magical properties say that it is good for health, the third eye balance, and throat chakra balance. After knowing this, I simply purchase one Blue Sapphire ring and when my parents asked me, I told them that it is simply a stone and nothing else.

Remember: All you have to do, realize what you want to follow the reasons. It is good that rode on your bike. No matter whether you have an accident or not. Next time when you will ride on your bike, be careful, but never let your past hold you back. If someone is holding you back without reason, then that is neither love nor right thing to support. @anneshakargupta


Thank you for sharing your experience and for such wise words… I can see your reasoning with the sapphire example and sometime I feel you are right w shave to critically think and see for ourselves to decide if our choices are reasonable of not :blush:


If it makes you feel better I came off the riding school’s bike the morning of my mod 1 exam whilst practicing slow turns. My instructor said something like “you’ve got that out of your system and don’t need to do it on your test” and I didn’t, I passed.

So I think there is power in suggestion, both positive and negative, if you give it to it. It’s weeding out the negative and only allowing the positive that’s the tricky part.


Yes i do feel like ok it is over and done with and always had the thought of “what will happen if i fall? Will i be hurt bad”? So yes i tend to look for positives in all the negatives as i believe they do exist if i look hard enough…