Does anyone know about dissemination report assessments?

Hi all, okay so totally not practice related, but i have my second last assessment coming up and its a dissemination action plan (report). I did heaps of research and they are very intense, however, my educator needs my assessment to be 500 word max. This will be a challenge… Any suggestions are appreciated…
p.s- sorry to all the school haters who thought they didn’t have to hear about these things again, trust me i am as over it as you are! :laughing: :blush:


Have you tried Grammarly? It’s a program that helps you with grammar and being precise. There’s a free version but the deluxe may help you more. I don’t know how much that is, like fifty US dollars I think.


I love the p.s.! I didn’t even know what a dissemination action plan was until I saw your post and looked it up. It sounds kind of sinister to me.

Anyway, I found this

[10 Elements of an Effective Dissemination plan]( › e-innovation › presentations › kick-off › Dissemination_Plan.doc)

Maybe it could help you organize your assessment? IDK.

Whether this is helpful of not I wish you the best in your studies!


Hay sweet,
What subject are you to do dissemination on?
Try this site, depending on what you’re writing about, it may help. › pubs › docs › cb_oct2015



Yes i keep seeing ads for this and wished i downloaded this sooner throughout my course, however i have a week’s study left and 2 assessments so not sure if it is worth using it for a week or two… I just need to know more how the layout and what needs to be included in the essay… Thanks for suggesting this :blush:


Thank you. I will check the link out. Any bit of information helps. Hoestly this whole subject ‘research skills development’ is sinister. I get why they leave it as the lst subject not to scare of students so they quit half way. My educator emailed me and said out of my whole class i was the only one who passed the last assessment’ research proposal. I can see why too it was a nightmare. But i keep focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. Only a week left and 2 assessments now and i will graduate. Lucky i have worked out with my educators i can send it to them first before submitting so they can take a look and see what i need to change then i can submit it so i don’t fail on the first try as they only give 2 chances and all assessments need at least a 50% pass rate to complete the subject…


Well the disseminating action plan follows my previous subject on the research proposal on improving Indigenous Wellbeing and Health, but to make it harder since my educator said as we actually haven’t done any real research we have to change it in some ways and make it an essay format… Thanks for the link i will check this out too. All the help i can get helps… :blush:


Just if anyone want to know this is the requirements:

Dissemination Action Plan

As we’ve learned this semester, the research process is cyclical. The assessment tasks in this subject reflect this cycle. In Assessment 1 you compiled an Annotated Bibliography to build your understanding of existing studies in the area in which you were planning to focus your research. In Assessment 2 you used that understanding, with other learnings from the subject and other sources, to prepare a Research Proposal outlining the details of a particular study.

In the real world, the next stage in the research cycle is to carry out the research study in the proposal, analyse the data and present some sort of report about the findings. However, as noted throughout the semester, undertaking research is a complicated and time consuming process and is outside the scope of this introductory subject. Hence, Assessment 3, rather than covering the conduct of the research study, covers an important aspect of the post-research part of the cycle: dissemination of results. In this assessment task you will devise an action plan based on the work of Wadsworth (2011) on disseminating results and maximising the impact of research (see your textbook p. 455-461).

Obviously, you have not carried out any research, so you have no results to report. The action plan is a general outline of how you would disseminate the results of the study you outlined in your Research Proposal (Assessment 2), if you had carried it out. You will draw on the content of the Moodle pages, textbook, articles and other appropriate sources to complete this task**.**

Your research dissemination action plan must be presented in full sentences-not dot points – and paragraphs in essay form. You may have subheadings within your essay.

Your plan must include;

  • a brief description of the study outlined in the Research Proposal
  • a description of what you want to achieve (your objective/s) by dissemination of your results, e.g. influencing policy and/or practice, and/or an explanation of why this is necessary/desirable
  • an explanation of who (individuals and/organisations) you will inform about your research and why you will do this (Think in terms of ethical reasons and how these people/organisations can help in the process of getting action taken as the result of you research)
  • a detailed description of when and how (contents and the way they will be presented) you will disseminate your findings in each of the following formats;

I. a formal report (similar to the NSW Carers Survey and the NDIS Study)

II. a meeting with colleagues

III. a conference

  • An appendix to your plan, with one data gathering instrument you would have used in your proposed study if you had carried it out. e.g. survey questions, interview protocol

Length 1, 500 words

Weighting: 30%

Due: Week 12, Sunday 30 October 2022, 11:59pm


The free version is nice, it just doesn’t help you with brevity like the purchased version. Although I have learned that I use the word really a lot. Really. LOL!


Thank you i found it helpful. I have completed the assessment now and am awaiting my educators response prior to submitting it. It was hard as it is not to be long like a research report and not to be in the same format as a dissemination action plan due to us students not actually carrying out actual research so it is more a reflection of what we would do next and also a reflection of the previous assessment on research proposals.
I sure hope my attempt to keep it close to 500 words and in an essay format does not in some way, down my assessment as i feel these factors play a part in making the assessment seem less professional :blush:


Is this 1,500 words or 500? That’s a big difference.

I have never heard of a dissemination plan before. During my MS work, we should plan out presentations (oral or poster) and journal articles but not in a formal report/document.

Reading what I did on it, it will be really important to identify your audience and what form of dissemination for each one you will use. From there, you can flush out more details.


Omg i cannot believe i read this wrong!!!
I was so confused as to why it was so short… Now i know :woman_facepalming:
Thank you so much for pointing this out, in all my 3 years of doing assessments, i had never heard of 500 words. What a difference it makes… Anyways i should be okay as i already went over to around 800 words so i will just elaborate a little more. The content of my assessment is quite meaningful but as i previously said short. Thank goodness i didn’t submit it yet… Your a lifesaver! :heartpulse:


Hahaha, I’ve done this many a time, hence why I asked! I have slight dyslexia, especially when it comes to numbers, so I’ve learned to double check myself.

I’m glad I was able to help save your sanity a bit. Good luck with your submission.


I’m not sure what a dissemination plan is or how it should be written up… when I went through college we didn’t have those but we did have to do what I suppose would be called a thesis.

Speaking on Grammarly, I use the free version on my phone & laptop. It still corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, & will show & do ideas/rewriting for clarity.

I don’t know if you need a reference page or anything but EasyBib’s free version will create the citations for you in MLA9 for free & for each project, will list them in alphabetical order for you. The paid version does other styles of reference that your school may want too.

I had the Premium versions free through my college & then once I finished I switched to the free versions. We also had them free when my son was in college/school. So I would check the sites for a part that asks whether or not you’re currently a student.

I don’t know about EasyBib anymore because they are now through Chegg, but Grammarly Premium is $24.95 a month in US dollars. I had it for a little bit & paid through PayPal. With that you can upload your paper & it will check it for plagiarism & do your in text citations so that you just copy & paste them where they need to go.

Chegg is another great resource for school related projects or work of any kind, from books to bibliographies & reference to almost like tutoring & general questions.

TurnItIn is another site that will run your papers & homework through a plagiarism check & tell you the source of the information that was used & the percentage of the paper or work that would be considered plagiarized. I’m pretty sure that is free or has a free version.

We used to be able to use Purdue Owl as a resource for writing assistance too!


In your reply, you’ve written what you need to do. So write it…after putting it on a strict diet.
Just downsize it. Best of luck.
Love you


@TheMuslimWitch I really like this plan below - the 1.1 section is about 1500 words, I think it’s a good template and overview of something that is very thorough if you want to look at something that gives you another perspective. I think 1500 word count is still very sparse - they just want you to show a high level overview, not a thorough action plan - or possibly refer to links maybe? GOOD LUCK!!!

Attachment_0.pdf (2.5 MB)


Oh wow, I looked at that & never had to do something so involved for a class before, but it was a different field of study.

Is that one that you had to do @jan_TheGreenWitch for your education?


Yes, the full research paper for my dissertation as well @Siofra_Strega - but it was a long time ago!!! :brown_heart:


Wow, my field was Computer Applications Management & then Accounting & Finances. We didn’t have to do anything close to one of those! Great job!

I kind of agree seeing yours that 1500 words seems minimal, so it must be kind of a basis outline. :thinking:


Thank you a million! I can get so ahead of myself and am a very fast actor/thinker to the point my doctor asked if i have bipolar disorder. You should see me talk my husband’s language which i learnt in under a year. I sound like i come form another planet my husband can barely keep up lol.
I think i am more close to ADHD than any other disorder, but haven’t had the guts to ask my doctor to diagnose me…