Does anyone use wattle and if so how?

Hi all, so a while back i picked some wattle (Australian native flower), and dried it out. I was wondering does anyone use this in their practice? I want to use it in a spell but not sure how…

(Picture by Shuttlestock: Once again, wattles are out in bloom: here's what makes our iconic flowers so special)

Here are somethings i know about wattle:

Uplifting, relaxing and calming, Wattle also improves moods, aids happiness and calms noisy children.
Used as a key ingredient in perfumes all over the world, Wattle has a wonderful, rich, sweet floral, honey and woody aroma.


@TheMuslimWitch I do not use wattle, but I’ve heard of it - it is very famed for the branches in Australia — So much is done in that part of the world with it though you can find out a lot online — Wattle uses

I think it’s very prized and hearty where you are, I would definitely try it if you have access to it!! :brown_heart:


Yes i wish my kittens however would stop trying to eat the leaves… Another one i was interested in which can be found even on my street is bottlebrush and this one i can’t remember the name of:

(Picture by Australian Wildlife:


Wow, what a beautiful picture just full of beauty!!


I think it’s a type of Gardenia called Grevilleas, native to Australia! :brown_heart:


Interesting… I’ve never heard of either one! @TheMuslimWitch

@jan_TheGreenWitch Thank you for the links :hugs:


Your welcome! i guess we learn something new everyday :blush:


The day I learned about wattle is today! This is the first I’m hearing about it- but it sounds like it is loaded with potential uses for magick.

It sounds like others have kindly shared some great tips and suggestions for usage- I’ll be watching along and learning too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh my gosh these pictures are gorgeous! :heart_eyes: Did you catch these shots? I always hear about how amazing wildlife and plantlife are in Australia, but then I see these pictures and it’s so vivid- you’re really blessed with some gorgeous nature there! :parrot: :hibiscus: :two_hearts:


Thanks i always get the mixed up and call them bottle brush but since bottle brushes are so distinctive i should know by now lol :blush:


No wish i had taken it it is stunning but i will as i have some wattle across the road and some Grevilleas 2 houses down. Nature here is very full on and although many people think our wildlife is dangerous (and don’t get me wrong some are), to us Aussies it just another day… You should visit here if you haven’t already i am sure you won’t be disappointed. I have little critters visiting here from snakes to lizards, to red backs and more but rule of thumb just like bees, don’t bother them and they won’t bother you… :blush: I could go without the magpies though. This year they are okay but a few years back they swooped my son and yanked some of his hair out as my mum took them a different root to school and it just happened to have a magpie nest above. They like any mother, are very protective of their babies… :blush:


I have to admit I have equal parts love and fear for Australia- you’ve got stunning scenery, fun cities, and amazing wildlife, but I am also very scared of that same wildlife :joy: Although to be honest the scariest thing of all is the cost and length of the flights haha :sweat_smile: :airplane: But maybe someday! :heart: :blush:


Yes i also hope to travel to Europe and America one day. Especially Disneyland (if i am not being just another corny foreigner) :laughing:


I hope things align and that you are able to have a wonderful travel adventure, @TheMuslimWitch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And hey, Disneyland/world is a popular attraction for a reason- if it’s on your to-do list, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! I hope you are able to go someday and that you have a blast :heart::blush:


Go to Disney World (Orlando, FL) not Land (Los Angeles, CA)! It’s soooooo much better @TheMuslimWitch:heart:


Thanks for the tip! Would be my dream come true if it did. I didn’t even know there was two until today :relaxed:


@TheMuslimWitch i had never heard of wattle. At first glance it looked like helichrysum. Thanks for teaching me something new. I love learning new stuff


No problem! Will share (as i previous promised to @BryWisteria ) of the local flowers